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Welcome to the Finan Family Guestbook! Please reply to this post with a short introduction of yourself, where you are from and maybe a little bit about what your interest are in tracing the roots of your branch of the Finan family.  Simply post a reply below.

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  1. chris / Aug 30 2016 3:26 am

    I’ve sent you an email John.

  2. JoAnne Finan / Aug 29 2016 7:19 pm

    My great great grandfather, Patrick James Finan (1848-1915) and his wife (Maria, 1854 – 1925), immigrated to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada from (we believe) Roscommon around 1900s. My great grandfather, James Patrick Finan, Sr. (1883 – 1960) moved to Cleveland, Ohio in the 1920s.

    • Tom Voyles / Aug 31 2016 3:09 am

      Hello JoAnne,
      Since my post yesterday I have found more on your Patrick Finan family.
      Patrick was born in Cloonfower Townland, Co. Roscommon in 1848 to
      Dominick Finan and Catherine Stretch. By 1871, at age 23, he was in
      Dewsbury, Yorkshire working as a masonry helper. He worked his way
      up to bricklayer, and in 1875 he married Maria Moran in Dewsbury. They
      proceeded to have eight children in Britain between 1876 and 1897.

      One of his sons, James Finan, emigrated to Canada between the 1901
      British Census and 1911. In 1911 he married Elizabeth Digney in Hamilton,
      Ontario. The rest of the family emigrated from Britain to Canada in two
      groups during the summer and autumn of 1913.

      In the summer of 1915 most of them crossed the border at Buffalo, NY.
      on their way to Cleveland, Ohio. I do not know who the first one in
      Cleveland was. I think that the pair of James’ brothers who married in
      Hamilton in 1917 stayed there.

      I will email all the 35 supporting documents to you in a couple of emails.

      Tom Voyles

  3. pol o frithil / Aug 29 2016 11:52 am

    Jon , I think my finan ancestors are related to yours . according to Griffiths valuations of the 1840’s approx. there were three finan brothers james, peter Patrick, and there father Michael. .I am descendant of the Patrick line. I remember as a child being told that a james finan lived in a little cottage near my great grandfather’s house . his house faced onto my great grandfather’s yard. . the other finan family that I was inquiring about that lived near the village of dromore west on the ballina side of the village are related to the dunowla finans. but they all died out with any children except one of the girls had a son and he died in august 1918 and is buried in france. not sure what why they are related to the dunowla finans.

    • Michael Finan / Aug 30 2016 2:10 pm

      Hi Jon

      The Dunowla Finan’s were relations of mine.

      My grandfather Bernard was one of many brothers, he settled in Ardagh, Ballina and went on to have a large family, other brothers from Dunowla were Peter and Patrick, they never married.

  4. JoAnne Finan / Aug 28 2016 10:38 pm

    I’m JoAnne Finan. My great great grandfather, Patrick James Finan and his wife, Maria, immigrated to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada in the late 1800s from (we believe) Ross Common, Ireland. My great grandfather, James Patrick Finan, Sr. and several brothers moved to Cleveland in the 1920s.

    • Tom Voyles / Aug 30 2016 12:09 am

      Hello JoAnne,
      Your Patrick James Finan died of a ruptured bowel on August 20, 1915 at 131 Shermn Avenue North, Hamilton, Ontario.
      He was buried in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery. His death record gives his parents as Dominick Finan and Catherine Stretch.

      Dominick Finan and Catherine Stretch were married Dec. 24, 1847 in Kilkeevin Catholic Parish (later renamed Castlerea
      Catholic Parish), County Roscommon, Ireland. They would have married in St. Joseph’s Catholic Chapel, the bell tower
      of which still stands in St. Joseph’s Cemetery in Castlerea Town. Their witnesses were Luke Farrell and Anna Patrick.

      Dominick and Catherine’s first child was your Patrick Finan. He was baptised on Dec. 16, 1848 In Kilkeevin Catholic
      Parish, County Roscommon. Patrick’s sponsors/godparents were Dominick and Anna Finan. At some point in his
      life he added James as his middle name.

      Griffith’s Valuation was done in Co. Roscommon in 1857 and 1858. At that time there were only two Dominick Finans
      in the county. One lived in the townland of Ballyglass East, and he was married to Ellen Dockery. The other Dominick
      Finan is yours. He and Catherine Stretch lived in the townland of Cloonfower. Their house was just at the Cloonfower
      crossroads, across the road from where the Lavins live today.

      I probably do not have the baptisms of all of Dominick and Catherine’s children, but here is what I do have:

      Married Dec 24, 1847
      Patrick Finan baptised Dec. 16, 1848 (Died Aug. 20, 1915 in Hamilton, Ontario)
      John Finan baptised May 27, 1850
      Mary Finan baptised May 13, 1854
      Thomas Finan baptised Aug. 15, 1864

      I cannot add attachments to this website posting. If you email me I will attach all the documents
      that the above information is drawn from If you want to learn about me, and see a photo,
      go to: When you get there, in the column at the left click on Special Interest Groups.
      At the center of the next screen click on Irish Genealogy SIG.

      Tom Voyles
      The Villages, Florida

      • fionnchu / Aug 30 2016 1:11 am

        Thanks, Tom, for this information. And as a descendant of the other Dominick Finan from Ballyglass East, I wanted to add a cautionary note. errs in their tree, as they link our Ballyglass clan to the other Dominick F and Catherine Stretch. As far as I can tell, and Tom may verify or deny this, “my” trail ends in early 1850s.

      • JoAnne Finan / Aug 30 2016 6:04 am

        Hi Tom, THANK YOU!!! We are so excited to hear from you. I will email you. Thank you for all the information.

  5. pol o frithil / Aug 27 2016 1:09 am

    john lohmann , your finan ancestors from dunowla, do you know if they were related to a finan family who lived in dromore, dromore west . the head of the household was Michael peter finan.

    • John Lohmann / Aug 27 2016 3:47 am

      Pol, I really know very little about the family while they were in Ireland, really only about them after they came to the US. I can’t say if they were related or not. Sorry.


  6. Michael Finan / Aug 26 2016 12:16 pm

    Hi Chris Kelly.

    I know your family, St Helens I recall. Sarah Finan (nee Kelly) was my gran. I spent most of my summer holidays in Clonkee where she lived, I remember the Kelly’s coming on holidays to see her and sadly I remember during one of those trips there was a sudden death. This may have been you father.

    Feel free to email me on

  7. pgburke39392 / Jul 27 2016 10:54 pm

    Hello, my main research is for my father’s grandfather’s side of the family – Banahan- who are from Roscommon. Thomas Banahan was born about 1845 (I believe) possibly in Ballinlough. He ended up in Lambertville, NJ in 1870 and worked the railroad his whole life which leads me to the family name of Finan. I have information that Martin Finan was the best man for Katheryn Banahan (Thomas’s daughter) and James Curley in Lambertville. Along with the Finan name, I have the names of the godparents of Thomas Banahan’s children – Friel, Egan, Serridge, Cunningham and Cavany (all of which I have found in the Castlerea area of Roscommon. I know it’s a stretch but I was wondering if Banahan or any of those names are related to your Finans. Thanks so much – Patty Gregory-Burke

  8. Nancy McCabe / Mar 28 2016 5:14 pm

    hi – my maternal great grandfather was named Albert Finnan, d. 1934, age 67, Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada. I have no information about Albert prior to that time, we assume he had immigrated to Canada sometime prior to that. Married to Caroline Arsenault.

    • Tom Voyles / Mar 28 2016 7:23 pm

      Hello Nancy,
      I found a family in the 1901 Canadian Census that may be yours. He is listed as Albert Fernow, with Finnan in parentheses due to difficulty in reading. The family in 1901 Prince Edward Island (District of West Prairie) was:

      Albert, head, born 03 Dec, 1867, Caroline, wife, born 12 July, 1870, Mary, dau, born 23 Nov, 1894, John, son, born 12 May, 1896, Larry(?), son, born 12 Dec, 1897, and Albert, son, born 13 Nov, 1900. All six were born in P.E. (Prince Edward?). Albert’s “Tribal Origin” is Irish, Caroline’s is French, and the kids’ are all Irish. All are Roman Catholic, and Albert is a farmer.

      I hope that this is your family.

      By the way, the Finnans were separate from the Finans in 19th century Ireland. Many Finnans were primarily in Counties Longford and Tipperary, while Finans were primarily in Sligo and Roscommon. Probably came out of one root somewhere way back when though.

      Tom Voyles

      • Nancy / Mar 29 2016 2:19 am

        Thanks Tom! This gives me a direction to keep looking.

  9. fionnchu / Mar 8 2016 12:50 am

    I know 2001 may be ancient history as far as DNA research, but seeing Castlerea is singled out here, I was wondering in the years since this claim below was reported, if any Finans have DNA research to disseminate on our clan’s origins? That is, beyond the very common pre-Norman Haplogroup 1 (or Rb1) gene most Irish (80%+) share. My maternal side is the Loughglynn Co. Roscommon Ballyglass E. t/l. as documented by me, dovetailing with Tom Voyles’ diligent records, back in mid-2014 on this guest list. But I was wondering on either maternal or paternal sides if others have had genetic testing, beyond that general haplotype? Some families on the net are deep into tracing these “blood ties” now.

    I had a trial run on US but the British site was largely unavailable for free (and as I recorded it had erroneous records in the early 19c due to identical names being confused). Perhaps those with wider access to data may have better info? An Irish DNA project seeks to include any one whose eight g-g-parents were living all within 30km of each other, as a relevant aside. Any Finans?

    Dr. Cristian Capelli, Dr. David B. Goldstein and others at Univ. Coll. London “assumed the original inhabitants of Britain could be represented by men living in Castlerea, in central Ireland, a region not reached by any foreign invader.” In a 2001 study “Dr. Goldstein and colleagues established that Y chromosomes of Celtic populations were almost identical with those of the Basques.”

    (I’d personally root for any evidence that the Finans were not Norman by name but pre-invasion, but that’s my home turf bias. Are they/we considered a Celtic clan, being Ó Fionnáin, after all? Speaking of far-flung Finans, I came across a rumor that Finans showed up in Jordan; this was credited to either the Crusades or post-Famine diaspora–the latter seems very unlikely to me, however.)

    • fionnchu / Apr 23 2016 3:31 am

      I am updating this slightly. Pardon the erudition. I took a Y-STR paternal lineage DNA test via Ancestry-by-DNA and confirmed the Rb1 haplotype [presumably the L-21 to M-269 North Atlantic “proto-Celtic” for lack of a better term–see the eupedia-dot-com entry on Rb1 for context]. This is in 82% of Irish and around Castlerea, Co. Roscommon, up to 95%, indicative of a very high rate of genetic isolation compared to the coastal regions. As a possibly relevant aside, my haplotype was 93% European with 6% Central and 1% East Asian which may indicate a very old origin for my ancestors who settled Ireland early on. I will raise here for further speculation that the Finan-Norman connection posted regarding the Fannings (~the Norman name “Panin”) as on Alan Finan’s “Financlan” homepage may blur the reality that even if surnames did not come to Ireland until around a millennium ago, that the Ó Fionnáin indigenous clan may originate in Co. Mayo. [Cf. the surnamedb-dot-com entry for O’Finan.] Perhaps the Galway-Roscommon Fannon surname is applicable here? The Fannings are Normans and they came into Ireland from the Co Limerick direction, not the North.

      I posit a Connacht origin for the Ua Fionnáin, given the predominance of the name there instead. The farthest back I can find for a Finans is that one ruled Coolcarney, Co. Mayo, [~Cuil Cearnadha “Callraighe of Cuil”] in the Barony of Gallen, later Bonnicolon & Attymass parish (near Kilgarven, this area hard hit in the Famine). My hunch is that the Ua Fionnáin later dispersed south to the counties of Roscommon and Sligo, where the surname is usually found. The Finans were the O’Fionnain chiefs loyal to the Ui Fiachrach Muaighe/Muaidhe [~Moy river]. They occupied this Ox Mountains area between Cos. Mayo and Sligo. The Fiacrach descended from Cenel na hÉogháin, allied to claim descent {or at least alliance?} with the Northern Uí Néill. My question is if any Finan descendents have had genetic testing. My STR test established only an Rb1 haplotype, and I am a Finan by the maternal line. Have any of you Finan descendants taken mtDNA and/or SNP tests at a granular level? I wonder if the M222 “aka Niall of the Nine Hostages” subclade may be tied to the Finans? I have found no mention of the Finans among surnames associated with the Uí Néill/M222 in my research, but the ancient, pre-Norman fealty paid the Uí Néill by Ua Fionnáin may align with this genetic marker. While the Red Hand surname is tied to Ulster, the Fiachrach branch reached down into Connacht.

      These Hy-Fiachrach ancestral genealogies must be examined with caution, as David Lacey stresses. If Niall existed, he likely lived fifty years earlier than the purported chieftain who enslaved Patrick, for instance. One Eoghy Mugmedon is garbled into English as the supposed 124th “Heremonian” King of Tara while Fiachra was the second “Heremonian Dal Cuinn” King of Connacht in the chronicles that document Finan and our fabled progenitors. Some information was taken from John O’Donovan’s 1844 (search via Google Books) “The Genealogies, Tribes, and Customs of Hy-Fiacrach.” There is also as many of us recall a St. Finan’s Bay and a St. F. who died 664, but these may be the “fionn” name as “fair or bright” used as a moniker, I suspect, while the Coolcarney F. may be a clan name.

  10. Michael Finan / Feb 2 2016 7:24 pm

    Wow, just found this. My name is Michael Finan (aged 48) living in Wales, UK but originated from Ardagh, Crossmolina, County Mayo leaving there when I was 19years old.
    My grand father came from near Dromore west in Sligo.

    • John Bonney / Mar 4 2016 4:25 am

      On 3/4/16 12:16 AM, “Finan Family History” wrote:

      > Michael Finan commented: “Wow, just found this. My name is Michael Finan (aged > 48) living in Wales, UK but originated from Ardagh, Crossmolina, County Mayo > leaving there when I was 19years old. My grand father came from near Dromore > west in Sligo.” >

    • pol o frithil / Mar 7 2016 2:56 pm

      Michael, just seen your message on this forum . do you have a name for your grandfather and a date of birth for him.

      • Michael Finan / Jun 6 2016 7:02 pm


        Bernard Finan from Dunowla,Dromore West. He settled in Ardagh and died back in the early 80s.

        • Chris Kelly / Aug 6 2016 7:26 pm

          Looking for my great aunt Sarah Finan (nee Kelly) who married Bernard Finan St Helens UK before moving to Co Mayo Cloonkee

        • John Lohmann / Aug 26 2016 6:58 pm

          Greetings, Michael Finan,

          I just saw your note, too. My great grandfather James Finan came to the United States with his mother Ellen (Rafter) Finan and three brothers in the mid 1860s from Dunowla. My wife and I went to Dunowla two years ago and met Liam Finan, a fascinating, well informed, sheepherder and one of two Finans left living in Dunowla.

          A distant cousin, Melvin Kiernan, whom I met on this blog, has given me an extensive history of the early Finan family in the States. If you are interested, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind my sharing it with you. You can contact me at and I will email it to you. My mother, Jane Finan Lohmann would approve.

          –John Lohmann

  11. Ramzi Raymond Finan / Jan 9 2016 6:35 pm

    I am Ramzi Raymond Finan from Beyrouth Beirut Lebanon
    I am associate professor of OB GYN in St Joseph university medical school and chief of OB GYN department in Hotel Dieu de France
    To my knowledge the migration of the family to the Middle East occurred during the crusades ( there is a Finan Valley in Jordan) the other theory is that the migration occurred after the starvation in Ireland and people went to south of France and from there most went to the USA except a few who came to this area

    • fred finan / Mar 4 2016 1:25 pm

      Hello Ramzi I am Fred Finan and live in the UK.. I have spent a lot of time in the Middle East and Jordan and found there is a village called Finan. On that particular trip I was with my family so it came as a bit of a surprise.

  12. Cathy Brown / Nov 11 2015 10:21 pm

    Hi Michael, got the photo, trying to see if there is a resemblance speak soon Cathy

  13. Cathy Brown / Nov 10 2015 1:06 pm

    Hi Michael, I haven’t managed to speak to my sister-in-law yet, but I would like a copy of the photograph if you don’t mind, my e-mail address is speak soon Cathy

    • Michael Finan. / Nov 11 2015 8:43 pm

      Hi Cathy
      I sent that photo on to your email address yesterday.

      • John Bonney / Nov 12 2015 11:16 am


        On 11/12/15 2:13 AM, “Finan Family History” wrote:

        > Michael Finan. commented: “Hi Cathy I sent that photo on to your email address > yesterday. Michael” >

        • Cathy Brown / Mar 3 2016 10:07 pm

          Can you please tell me how this site works as I received this reply, I can only presume it’s because I let Michael send me a photograph.

        • / Mar 4 2016 12:03 am

          There is a “unsubscribe bar” at the bottom of your screen. Click on it

        • John Bonney / Mar 4 2016 4:23 am

          On 3/4/16 6:14 AM, “Finan Family History” wrote:

          > commented: “There is a “unsubscribe bar” at the bottom of > your screen. Click on it” >

  14. Tom Voyles / Oct 27 2015 4:46 am

    For Sandy Ashton:

    Hello Sandy,
    I had a look through my records today for a Patrick Finan birth
    about 1820. If he were from County Roscommon he would
    have been baptised in either Kilkeevin Catholic Parish (now
    called Castlerea Catholic Parish), or next door in Loughglynn-
    Lisacul Catholic Parish. Almost all 19th century Co. Roscommon
    Finans lived in one of those two parishes (except for my own
    large Finan family who lived in Ballintober-Ballymoe Catholic
    Parish. All three of these parishes are contiguous in Co. Roscommon.

    The Kilkeevin baptismal register has a gap from July, 1819
    to August, 1827. The Patrick Finan baptism nearest to 1820 was
    July 9, 1819. He was born to Patrick Finan and Mary Philips.
    You didn’t mention if you know the names of Patrick’s parents,
    so I don’t know if this is your Patrick.

    The Loughglynn-Lisacul baptismal register begins in 1817.
    Between that time and 1823 I only found one Patrick Finan
    baptism. He was baptised March 22, 1823, born to John Finan
    and Alicia McGuire. Again, no way to tell if he is your Patrick.

    The problem is the same when trying to find the 1847 baptism of
    Mary Finan born to Patrick Finan and a wife named Catherine.
    The Loughglynn-Lisacul baptismal register has a gap from
    November, 1840 to December, 1849.

    There is no gap in the Kilkeevin register around 1847, but I was
    unable to find a Mary born to Patrick Finan and a Catherine
    between 1844 and 1854.

    The good news is that these parish registers were put online
    on July 8, 2015 by the National Library of Ireland, so you can
    examine them yourself. They are in Latin, but are mostly
    just lists of dates and names.

    Go to: and click on Catholic Parish Registers.
    You will be transferred to their site with the registers. Just
    enter Kilkeevin or Loughglynn-Lisacul as your parish of interest
    and the images of the actual registers will appear.

    My own records are based on a one-day look at the books in
    the church in 1991, and they may be questionable. I need
    to sit down and compare my transcripts with the registers
    now that they are online and make the necessary corrections.

    Good luck to you,
    Tom Voyles

    • Sean Sheehan / Oct 27 2015 8:48 pm

      Hi, Michael I am looking for the roots of my great great grand father Thomas Finan born about 1826, left for the US in May of 1845. In the US he married Nancy Dwyer who was from Galway and that has lead me to suspect he might have been from Roscommon, but I am not sure. I was just wondering if you had stumbled across his name anywhere. He had an interesting time, went to the gold rush in California in 1849 and returned east in about 1865.

  15. Michael Finan / Oct 23 2015 6:56 pm

    Hi all at Finan Family History and thank you to whoever set the site up. My name is Michael Finan. I live in Sligo, Ireland and on finding the site by chance, I read Cathy Brown’s story from Scotland, posted on October 12 2013 where she mentioned about the murder of her aunt Kathleen in Glasgow in 1988. My dad Jack, who died in 2011 at the age of 94, had mentioned the murder of his cousin in Glasgow to me back then but, not knowing Kathleen nor very much about the Finan clan at that time, unfortunately, I didn’t take too much heed of the story. But now I hope Cathy is still in touch with this website as I am pretty sure that she and I are cousins. Her grandfathers name is George Finan, originally from Sligo. My Great-grandfather, John and his wife Kate (Feeney), also from Sligo had six children (John, James, George, Thomas, Molly and Stephen). I have a photograph here in front of me, of John and Kate with their young family taken in the early 1900’s. John, our Great-grandfather, was a cattle dealer and exported animals from Sligo to Scotland. I know this from my fathers story about his trip to Glasgow with his grandfather when he was about eight-ten years old. I really hope Cathy will get this message and reply quicker than I did to hers.
    All the best,

    • Cathy Brown / Oct 24 2015 3:14 am

      Hi Michael, I have received your story, I don’t remember my grandfather but my grandma was Bridget Feeney Finan, my dad was Owen and he had a brother Tommy I think there was another brother George but I never met him I think he was dead, I think my dad was born in 1914, he died when he was 64 in 1978, my aunty Kathleen was 84 when she was murdered. My dad used to talk about somebody called JoJo and my aunty Kathleen used to go to Ireland for holidays nearly every year. We live in Spain but I always say to my husband I would like to know if we have any relations in Ireland Thanks for getting in touch I would like to know more. Cathy

      • Michael Finan. / Oct 24 2015 1:38 pm

        Hi again Cathy

        It seems that, if we are related, the connection is through the great-grandparents and their sons John (my grandfather) and his brother George (your grandfather), I don’t have a lot of information about the tree branches but will share anything I have that may help you.

        I am the ninth of ten children born to my father and his wife (Josie Gannon). My dad Jack, was the eldest son of a family of seven children (six boys and one girl).

        Grandfather, also Jack (John) was the eldest son of a family of the six children listed earlier. Both he and his wife (Margaret McCann) died before I was born so we never met and I never got much history of him. I know he was in the British army for the first world war and I think perhaps also in the second.

        My father was born in 1915 and now I understand the possible psychological effects that that could have on the young soldier out in a war situation and on the young wife and some of their children who were born at that time and left at home in the middle of Irish revolution. That is probably why dad didn’t talk much about his earlier family life.

        The name JoJo doesn’t ring a bell. But a lot of the names, like my (deceased) brother’s and dad’s and some of his cousins had the name John-Joe which could have been shortened to JoJo Another little piece of information is that Thomas, George’s (g.grandfather) brother went to America at some stage. But I don’t know where.

        So, it seems from my your great-grandfather and my great-grandfather were possibly the one-and-the-same John.

        Hope Spain is nice.
        Take care

        • Cathy Brown / Oct 24 2015 8:05 pm

          Hi Michael, just reading all these names, my father was Owen Patrick , he was married twice, his sons from previous marriage were called George, John, and Joseph. Myself and young brother are from second marriage, my young brother was called Gerard but. Sadly he died four years ago this month. I know that he had also tried to find out about relations in Ireland but not sure how far he got I will speak to my sister-in-law about it. I’m sorry I never asked my dad more bout his family. We have friends who come from n. Ireland they come out here for a few months they have a place round the corner. They come from Ballynahinch not sure how to spell it. Cathy

      • Michael Finan. / Nov 10 2015 12:29 pm

        Hi Cathy
        Sad to hear about Gerard’s death. Don’t know if you spoke to your sister-in-law about what your he may have found out about your and his family history. If you think you are connected to this Finan family branch through the great grandfather, John, in Sligo the only other thing I can offer is to scan a copy of the photograph and send it on to you, if you want it. I’ll need your email address if you do.
        Take care, Michael

    • Patrick OBrien / Oct 24 2015 3:44 am

      Hi Michael,

      I knew Gabriel Finan from Sligo whose father I seem to remember was a cattle dealer and that Gabriel did some dealing himself – I wonder where Gabriel is now?

      Kind reagrds,

      Patrick O’Brien

      Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2015 13:56:58 +0000 To:

      • Michael Finan. / Oct 24 2015 1:45 pm

        Hello Patrick

        afraid I don’t know nor haven’t ever heard of any Gabriel Finan from Sligo, but if I do hear of him I’ll post it up for you.

        All the best


  16. Sandra Ashton / Oct 11 2015 5:27 am

    Attention Please Tim Voyles::: I’m reposting this to see if it might be possible for you to shed any light on this particular branch on my paternal side? I can document this line in the USA but have not been able to trace them back to Ireland. ay help will be appreciated. Sandy

    Hello, This is my first post. I am trying to trace my Irish ancestors (father’s side) back to Ireland. These are the facts I have been able to document — Patrick Finan (born about 1820) and Catherine Unk (born about 1825) married in Ireland and had daughter Mary there in about 1847. After that, they emigrated (date uncertain) and lived in New York City. Twins Michael and John were born in New York City in 1853. Son James was born about 1858 in Ohio. There may be other children. Son John married in 1874 to Margaret Gaughan (born about 1857 in Ohio, daughter of Mich Gaughan and Bridget Haran — both born in Ireland). John was a Kenton County Kentucky, Alderman. John and Margaret had several children — Mary, Henry, Nellie, James, David, Willie, Anne, Catherine, John Michael (my grandfather), Joseph Leo, Gertrude, Raymond, Earl, Edward. John died in 1917 and Margaret died in 1914. Both are buried at St. Mary’s Cemetery in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky.

    I am excited to have found this forum! Thank you!

    Sandy Ashton, Annapolis Maryland

    • Tom Voyles / Oct 27 2015 4:50 am

      Hello Sandy,
      I had a look through my records today for a Patrick Finan birth
      about 1820. If he were from County Roscommon he would
      have been baptised in either Kilkeevin Catholic Parish (now
      called Castlerea Catholic Parish), or next door in Loughglynn-
      Lisacul Catholic Parish. Almost all 19th century Co. Roscommon
      Finans lived in one of those two parishes (except for my own
      large Finan family who lived in Ballintober-Ballymoe Catholic
      Parish. All three of these parishes are contiguous in Co. Roscommon.

      The Kilkeevin baptismal register has a gap from July, 1819
      to August, 1827. The Patrick Finan baptism nearest to 1820 was
      July 9, 1819. He was born to Patrick Finan and Mary Philips.
      You didn’t mention if you know the names of Patrick’s parents,
      so I don’t know if this is your Patrick.

      The Loughglynn-Lisacul baptismal register begins in 1817.
      Between that time and 1823 I only found one Patrick Finan
      baptism. He was baptised March 22, 1823, born to John Finan
      and Alicia McGuire. Again, no way to tell if he is your Patrick.

      The problem is the same when trying to find the 1847 baptism of
      Mary Finan born to Patrick Finan and a wife named Catherine.
      The Loughglynn-Lisacul baptismal register has a gap from
      November, 1840 to December, 1849.

      There is no gap in the Kilkeevin register around 1847, but I was
      unable to find a Mary born to Patrick Finan and a Catherine
      between 1844 and 1854.

      The good news is that these parish registers were put online
      on July 8, 2015 by the National Library of Ireland, so you can
      examine them yourself. They are in Latin, but are mostly
      just lists of dates and names.

      Go to: and click on Catholic Parish Registers.
      You will be transferred to their site with the registers. Just
      enter Kilkeevin or Loughglynn-Lisacul as your parish of interest
      and the images of the actual registers will appear.

      My own records are based on a one-day look at the books in
      the church in 1991, and they may be questionable. I need
      to sit down and compare my transcripts with the registers
      now that they are online and make the necessary corrections.

      Good luck to you,
      Tom Voyles

  17. Patrick O'Brien / Oct 11 2015 1:13 am

    I knew a Gabriel Finan years ago in Cork – we worked together. He had been studying for the priesthood – Mill Hill Fathers in London – but I don’t think he went back.

    He was from Ballisodare, Co. Sligo and liked athletics – we use to train together.

    He was a great bloke!

  18. Ron Cambias / Jul 16 2015 7:52 am

    My name is Ron Cambias. I live in New Orleans, LA and have long been interested in learning more about my family history. I recently found your blog and realized the connection between the Finans and Lavins of County Roscommon and my own family tree. I am descended from Bridget Finan whom I believe originated in the Parish of Kilkeevan in County Roscommon. She arrived in New Orleans in 1847 and married a John Lavin in 1849. John Lavin was from Loughrea, Galway. However, I have strong suspicions he may have had roots in the same area of County Roscommon. Bridget Finan’s parents were James Finan and Jane Gill; John Lavin’s parents were Michael Lavin and Bridget Christi. I would certainly welcome any information anyone would have on this branch of the Finan/Lavin family tree. Thanks!


  19. Ron Cambias / Jul 16 2015 5:15 am


    Thanks so much. My father was very fond of your father and mother and always enjoyed visits with them. My e-mail is I would be happy to share whatever I have as well. Look forward to hearing back from you whenever you get the chance. Thanks!


  20. Rod Howell / Feb 12 2015 5:04 pm

    My paternal grandmother Teresa Finan was born October 27 1872 in Birmingham. My father told me that her family came to Birmingham from Castlerea, Roscommon because of the famine. Her birth certificate gives her parents as James Finan, labourer, and Catherine, nee Fleming.

    UK censuses started in 1841 and occur every 10 years. The family do not appear on the 1841 or 1851 censuses, and the earliest UK record is of the marriage of James and Catherine at St Chad’s RC Cathedral in Birmingham January 11 1852. The marriage certificate gives his father as Martin Finan, nailor, and her father as John Fleming, labourer.

    According to later UK censuses, my great grandfather, James Finan, was born in Co Roscommon in about 1828. He died in about 1892 having worked as a glassmaker and a bricklayer.

    There is a baptismal record for Martin Finon (sic) in the parish of Castlerea October 21 1805, his parents given as Patrick Finon and Anne Horan

    My grandmother Teresa had five older siblings, Catherine, Thomas, Mary-Ann, John and Margaret; between the six of them they only managed three offspring, and Teresa’s line of descent is the only remaining one!

    UK censuses show that the Fleming family including Catherine’s father, brother and sister also came from Roscommon and I think it most likely that James Finan emigrated with them in or about 1851. These census returns unfortunately only give the county of birth (Roscommon) for all these people, except for 1911 which specifies Castlerea as the birth place of Catherine’s brother Patrick Fleming, the last survivor of that generation.

  21. Terrie Gregory / Dec 27 2014 7:07 pm

    my email address is
    if anyone would like to correspond through email

  22. Sandy Ashton / Dec 26 2014 11:45 pm

    Hello, This is my first post. I am trying to trace my Irish ancestors (father’s side) back to Ireland. These are the facts I have been able to document — Patrick Finan (born about 1820) and Catherine Unk (born about 1825) married in Ireland and had daughter Mary there in about 1847. After that, they emigrated (date uncertain) and lived in New York City. Twins Michael and John were born in New York City in 1853. Son James was born about 1858 in Ohio. There may be other children. Son John married in 1874 to Margaret Gaughan (born about 1857 in Ohio, daughter of Mich Gaughan and Bridget Haran — both born in Ireland). John was a Kenton County Kentucky, Alderman. John and Margaret had several children — Mary, Henry, Nellie, James, David, Willie, Anne, Catherine, John Michael (my grandfather), Joseph Leo, Gertrude, Raymond, Earl, Edward. John died in 1917 and Margaret died in 1914. Both are buried at St. Mary’s Cemetery in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky.

    I am excited to have found this forum! Thank you!

    Sandy Ashton

    • John Bonney / Dec 28 2014 6:51 am


      On 12/27/14 5:36 AM, “Finan Family History” wrote:

      > Sandy Ashton commented: “Hello, This is my first post. I am trying to trace > my Irish ancestors (father’s side) back to Ireland. These are the facts I > have been able to document — Patrick Finan (born about 1820) and Catherine > Unk (born about 1825) married in Ireland and had ” >

  23. Jim Callahan / Dec 24 2014 7:47 pm

    Hi, I don’t have any info on her or her Finan family. All I know is she left Gurteen and went to Cincinnati, OH to meet up with her boyfriend and get married. They then headed off for free land in South Dakota (Elk Point). She had 5 children and died in her forties from cancer. I don’t know anything about her Finan family. I have been to Gurteen several times but could find no trace of her. Would welcome any info you have on the family. Thanks

    • Patrick O'Leary / Dec 24 2014 8:53 pm


      My Grandmother was a Finan and was born in Cincinnati.

      I am very proud of my Irish heritage and have been researching my family history for the last few years. Most of my focus is on my father’s side of the family because some of my cousins have given me a great starting point.

      My father John Patrick O’Leary (23 May 1925 – 26 Jul 1981) was the only child of Patrick John O’Leary (15 Feb 1894 – 26 Jan 1975) and Katherine Ellen Finan (2 Dec 1891 – 9 Mar 1983).
      My Grandmother Katherine Ellen Finan was born in Cincinnati, Ohio.

      Katherine Ellen Finan’s parents

      Father: James Joseph Finan (15 Nov 1863 – 12 Jul 1923)

      Mother: Margaret Sweeney (22 Feb 1861 – 20 Feb 1917)

      I know that Margaret Sweeney was born in Ireland but not sure where. She had a brother Thomas Sweeney (17 Jul 1862 – 5 Apr 1944). He lived with my Grandparents. He was always referred to as “Uncle”. He died at the age of 81 years old. He never married. He died during WW II.

      I do have Thomas Sweeney’s passport. It shows an address in Ireland as High Lake, County Roscommon. Most likely his sister, Margaret who was my Grandmother, also lived in High Lake. The information you sent me shows that the Finan’s lived in High Lake.

      I know my Grandparents, James Finan and Margaret Sweeney were married in the United States because I have the marriage certificate. Based on what you have sent me it appears they might have known each other in Ireland.

      Census records show James Joseph Finan arrived in America 1882 or 1883.

      Census records show that Margaret Sweeney arrived in America 1881.

      • Jim Callahan / Dec 26 2014 9:48 pm

        Hi Patrick, sorry for the late response. My g-grandmother was Kate Finan Callaghan from the Gurteen area of County Sligo. She left Sligo in the early 1860’s for Cincinnati OH to meet up with her boyfriend and get married. They married in Cinci and their first child was born there and then they headed off for the Dakota Territory where they were giving free land to anyone that would settle there and farm the land for five years. I don’t know why they chose to go to Cincinnati from gurteen, possibly there was already family there. I found two Callaghan sisters that left the Gurteen area some 20 yeaers later and also went to Cincinnati. Don’t know if there was a family connection or just a lot of jobs.
        I really don’t have any Finan info. The only Finan’s I could find in the Gurteen area was a John Finan in Gurteen so I assumed that was probably her father or brother.
        I think there might have been a Bartholomew (or something like that also living in the home). By the time the census came around all the Finans were gone from Gurteen.

        I have been to Gurteen several times looking for callaghan’s and Finans. There is / was a parish Priest named Finan about 1 mile from Gurteen that I met. I also took a Sligo / Western Ireland phonebook and sent a letter to all of the Finan’s that I could find. No responses since I had so little info to provide

        I hope you find your ancestors
        Good Luck
        Jim Callahan
        Kansas City—USA

    • John Bonney / Dec 26 2014 11:18 am


      On 12/25/14 1:17 AM, “Finan Family History” wrote:

      > Jim Callahan commented: “Hi, I don’t have any info on her or her Finan family. > All I know is she left Gurteen and went to Cincinnati, OH to meet up with her > boyfriend and get married. They then headed off for free land in South Dakota > (Elk Point). She had 5 children and died i” >

  24. Terrie Gregory / Dec 24 2014 9:47 am

    Hello from Michigan USA. Helping my son-in-law trace his family…looking for more information on,
    John Finan
    Birth in Greyfield Gurteen Co Sligo Ireland
    Death 1861 in Greyfield Gurteen Co Sligo Ireland. any more information would be most helpful…thank you Terrie Gregory

    • Jim Callahan / Dec 24 2014 6:08 pm

      My G-grandmother was Kate Finan Callaghan 1835-1883 also from Greyfieldd in Gurteen. She married Corneilus Callaghan from Moydough in Gurteen. She died from cancer in South Dakota

      Jim Callahan
      Kansas City

      • Terrie Gregory / Dec 24 2014 7:25 pm

        Hi Jim Callahan, will have to look into this further to see if they were relatives. Thanks for your reply. And Merry Christmas!

        • Terrie Gregory / Dec 24 2014 7:37 pm

          yes i did find your G-grandmother and her husband on Do you have all the information you need on her? Or could I help you in some way?

    • Jim Callahan / Dec 26 2014 9:52 pm

      Terrie Gregory—–would you please send me your email address, I would like to explore more and see if there is a connection between your Finan and mine. Thanks
      Jim Callahan

      • Terrie Gregory / Dec 27 2014 7:09 pm
        • John Bonney / Dec 28 2014 6:49 am


          On 12/28/14 12:39 AM, “Finan Family History” wrote:

          > Terrie Gregory commented: “” >

      • John Bonney / Dec 28 2014 6:52 am


        On 12/27/14 3:22 AM, “Finan Family History” wrote:

        > Jim Callahan commented: “Terrie Gregory—–would you please send me your > email address, I would like to explore more and see if there is a connection > between your Finan and mine. Thanks Jim Callahan” >

  25. Barbara J. Finnan / Nov 29 2014 3:13 pm

    I am totally floored to see Papa’s exact shield on your opening page! He/we (I’m a Finnan – 2 middle n’s by marriage). The motto on his shield is “Suivex La Raison” – Follow Reason. I have been researching all of my family background, but have included my in-laws for my sons to know. I’m sure you know there is a St. Finnan whose grave and history starts in Scotland. How do 1 n Finans and 2 n Finnansrelate?


  26. Donna Jean Finan / Oct 6 2014 10:54 pm

    I am a Finan from Pittsburgh, Pa…Donna Jean to be in contact with Finans all over

    • Donna Jean Finan / Oct 6 2014 11:38 pm

      whatever you can find out about the Finans from Pittsburgh I would love to hear about me and answer me here also

  27. Mary Finan / Sep 4 2014 4:09 pm

    What year was I born. My name Mary Gabriel Finan -mid 1930’s born in Galway. Mother Angela Dowler- father Michael Joseph Finan

    • Tom Voyles / Sep 4 2014 6:07 pm

      Hello Mary,
      Here is the record of yourself and your siblings (those that I found):

      Feb. 21, 1935 Mary Gabriel Finan, born at Seamount Nursing Home, Galway R.D. to Michael Finan, College Road, Galway, occupation: Engineer. Birth registered on May 11, 1935 by W. Kenny, occupant, Seamount Nursing Home.

      April 5, 1936 Michael Leo Finan, born at Seamount Nursing Home.

      May 2, 1938 John Charles Finan, born at St. Benedict’s, Limerick to Michael Finan of Kylemore Village, Gorbally, Limerick.

      Feb. 2, 1940 Vivian James Finan, born at St. Benedict’s, Limerick to Michael J. Finan of Kylemore Village, Limerick.

      Dec. 26, 1941 Geoffrey Steven Finan, born at 5 Lower Mallow St., Limerick to Michael J. Finan of Clare View, Farranshore(?), Limerick.

      Dec. 15, 1942 Carol Veronica Finan, born at St. Anne’s, Gorbally, Limerick to Michael Joseph Finan of St. Anne’s, Gorbally, occupation: Civil Engineer. Birth registered by the father Jan. 5, 1943.

      Tom Voyles

  28. francisfinan / Aug 27 2014 8:07 pm

    My name is Francis Finan and I am a Sligo native living in Galway. The main reason I noticed you page was because of your coat of arms, I was wondering where you found it as I grew up with a very different coat of arms in our house. The one I grew up with had three birds on the coat, not three stars, was just looking for more info as to where the coat you display came from.
    Also if any of you have nay questions you would like to ask me, please do, I will make sure to try and help to the best of my abilities.


  29. Thomas Finan (@tjfinan) / Jul 29 2014 2:44 am

    Good Lord. I haven’t come across this website before. Thanks to you, Tim Finan I assume, for getting this up and running! This is a great repository of information!

    Im Tom Finan, researcher into the Finans coming from John Finan, son of Hugh Finan, who came to St. Louis c. 1870.

    I will have a read on this later tonight…thanks again!

    • pol o frithil / Jul 30 2014 4:35 am

      by any chance are you the guy who is the professor in st louis university

      • Thomas Finan (@tjfinan) / Sep 1 2014 4:34 am

        Yes, that would be me!

        • pol i frithil / Sep 1 2014 1:46 pm

          do you know were your finan ancestors came from in ireland .

  30. Patrick O'Leary / Jul 20 2014 7:08 am

    Greetings from Louisville, Kentucky USA. I am looking for any information about my Great Great Grandparents James Finan (1835-1885) and Catherine Muldoon (1841- ???). My records show they lived in Castleplunket, County Roscommon. They had nine kids – I think, James (1863), John (1864), Patrick (1867), Ellen (1871), Catherine (1873), Patrick (1875), Bridget (1877), Honoria (1877) and Delia (1879).

    James Finan came to America and live in Cincinnati, Ohio.

    • Tom Voyles / Jul 20 2014 11:06 am

      Hello Patrick,
      I have been doing Co. Roscommon Finan research for over 25 years, and I know all about the
      Finan- Muldoon family. I will be happy to give you all the information when I return home from
      vacation. I am currently staying with Finan relatives about 5 miles from Castleplunket. I will
      be home in Delaware Aug. 3. Please send me a reminder email then.

      Tom Voyles
      The Villages, Florida
      and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

  31. pol i frithil / May 28 2014 4:06 am

    i have found a headstone on irish the grave is located in easkey cemetary. the main name is for a george a gallagher who died in 1945. also mentioned are the taylor and finan families on the headstone. would anyone know what is the relation between the 3 surnames.would anyone know what finans are buried in this grave

  32. Tom Voyles / May 20 2014 1:01 am

    Dr. Murphy,
    1. I too, used to correspond with Linda Kuhn of Cleveland in 2002, but lost track
    of her. I haven’t seen her name anywhere in years.

    2. The trees posted online are undependable. People make guesses and post them.
    Others come along and incorporate the inaccurate information into their trees. Soon
    many trees contain the same inaccurate information. You have to “trust, but verify”.

    3. I went through my records and gathered the following events concerning
    Ballyglass East Finans. (I don’t remember any Finans ever being in
    Ballyglass West Townland). Sorry, but I did not find a marriage for your James
    Finan, b. 27 Nov, 1896. Do you know if he stayed in Ireland, or emigrated?
    I ask this because, below, it seems that John ended up with the landholding
    in Ballyglass East.

    Baptisms in Loughglynn-Lisacul Catholic Parish Register:
    22 Dec, 1850 Honoria Finan, born to Dominick Finan and Ellen Dockery.
    19 May, 1853 John Finan, born to Dominick Finan and Ellen Dockery.
    08 Nov, 1855 Mary Finan, born to Dominick Finan and Ellen Dockery.
    19 April, 1857 Sarah Finan, born to Dominick Finan and Ellen Dockery.
    03 April, 1859 Patrick Finan, born to Dominick Finan and Ellen Dockery.
    26 Dec, 1861 (TWINS) Thomas Finan and Margaret Finan, born to
    Dominick Finan and Ellen Dockery.

    Government Civil Registration of Births, Marriages, and Deaths
    began 01 Jan, 1864. (If you would like the images of the following
    registrations, email me at
    10 March, 1864 Jane Finan, born to Dominick Finan and Ellen Dockery.

    10 Aug, 1867 Death, Dominick Finan, of Ballyglass East, married, age 55, heart
    disease, found dead. Death reported by Thomas Peyton, coroner, Roscommon County.

    04 July, 1882 Death, Bridget Finan of Ballyglass East, widow, age 80 years,
    senile congestion for 4 months, Mary Mangan present at death.

    04 Feb, 1887 Mary Ellen Finan, born to John Finan and Mary Dockery of Ballyglass East.
    30 Sept, 1888 Cecelia Finan, born to John Finan and Mary Dockery of Ballyglass East.
    13 March, 1890 Sarah Kate Finan, born to John Finan and Mary Dockery of Ballyglass East.
    06 March, 1892 Patrick Joseph Finan, born to John Finan and Mary Dockery of Ballyglass East.
    08 Dec, 1893 Teresa inan, born to John Finan and Mary Dockery of Ballyglass East.
    28 Jan, 1895 Dominick Finan, born to John Finan and Mary Dockery of Ballyglass East.
    27 Nov, 1896 James Finan, born to John Finan and Mary Dockery of Ballyglass East.

    I hope that some of this is helpful.
    Tom Voyles

  33. Jane / Feb 3 2014 6:56 pm

    Actually you have more info than I do. After looking at Irish records, I am only guessing at which area of Roscommon was their home.
    Please share any info on other Gaffney relatives. I can help add some to your tree as well as some photos. Thanks! Jane

  34. Joanne Fuller / Jan 31 2014 7:51 am

    My name is Joanne Fuller, I am looking for information on Rodger Finan, who died in 1837 and Eleanor (Calloway) Finan who died in 1844. They had a son named John Finan Born 28, January, 1806 in Ireland. He married Ellen Moran on 10, July, 1837 in Ireland. They immigrated to America about 1847 and lived in Paulding, Ohio. The name was changed to Finerd sometime after 1842.

  35. lohmann192 / Nov 7 2013 10:14 pm

    Mt second try: I’m looking for relatives who know something about my relatives. My great-grandfather, James J. Finan, (born 24 May 1843) and his brothers, Robert (1841-1909) and Farrell, left Dunowla, County Sligo, in 1866(?) for the United States. Their parents, Farrell and Ellen (nee Rafter) (1800-1884) Finan probably lived in Dunowla but I have no record of that. I have seen census records of Finans in Dunowla from 1901 and 1911, but I do not know what relations they were, or if they were. I welcome any comments from anyone knowing any other relations.

    • pol o frithil / Nov 9 2013 12:48 am

      i am a descendant from the Finan’s in Dunowla. there was a James and he was my great great grandfather’s brother . he had no brothers called Robert or Farrell. or if he did cannot find a trace . there were Finan’s in the parish of Templeboy which is the next parish . so they may have been from there. there were also Finans in a townland called Farranmacfarrell and Dromore . these are in the same parish as Dunowla. The man who lived in Farranmacfarrell was a Peter and the man who lived in Dromore was a Michael Peter , he was born in 1830 approx and died in 1931. the first Finan i found in Dunowla was in 1830. he was Peter , unless your Finan’s are descendants from brothers of his

      • lohmann192 / Nov 9 2013 6:54 pm

        Thanks for the quick response. I got the information about my great-grandfather James J. Finan from a history written by a relative who knew a considerable amount of the family history, i.e. wives, children, birth dates, etc. of each of the brothers so I’m fairly solid about their coming from Dunowla. How long they lived in Dunowla is another story I don’t know, though. Their mother, Ellen (Rafter) Finan was born n 1798 but I don’t know where she was born. I have no other information about their father Farrell Finan. I wonder if you (or Tom Voyles) have any information about my other great-grandmother on my (Finan) mother’s side. She was Jane Carlos, born about 1860, I believe in Strokestown, county Roscommon. Thanks again. –John

    • Melvin Kiernan / Dec 21 2013 12:52 am

      Farrell and Ellen (Rafter) Finan were cousins of my great-grandfather Bernard Melvin, whose mother was Catherine Finan. Ellen (listed as a widow) and three sons Farrell, James and Thomas arrived in New York 2 January 1861 on the Emerald Isle. Her son Robert arrived a year earlier, 1 June 1860 on the Harvey Birch. There is no further mention of Thomas, but the other three sons raised families in New York City. Persons named Robert and Farrell Finan were living in Pittsburgh in 1850. Clearly they were relatives since this Robert was witness on the citizenship papers of my great-grandfather’s brother Matthew Melvin. I have found no further mention of these Robert and Farrell Finan. It is possible that the Pittsburgh Farrell was Ellen’s husband, immigrating early to find employment but dying before Ellen joined him. I have extensive information from census and directory records about the next two or three generations of Ellen and Farrell’s family. Both my great-great grandfather Bryan Melvin and a Farrell Finan held adjacent tenancies in Easkey, Co Sligo, as listed in the Applotment Book compiled in the 1830s. Easkey, Dromore and Dunowla seem to refer vaguely to the same general area of coastal Sligo. Other cousins of mine who lived in Easkey until recently were married to other Finan families. I would be happy to share my research on the Finans with you.

      • lohmann192 / Dec 21 2013 3:08 am

        We’re related. Two years ago, I received a four page history of the “Finan Family” from my second cousin in Las Vegas. It began, “According to Mary Kiernan, brothers Robert and Farrell Finan were cousins of her mother, whose father’s mother was Catherine Finan Melvin…It is not known for certain how the Finans are related to the Melvins. Bernard Melvin’s mother was Catherine Finan; by age, she could be the sister of Robert, James, and Farrell’s father, Farrell…”
        I can’t find the documents right now, but I do have a note stating, “Robert & Farrell Finan, naturalized Pennsylvania, 2 Oct 1856, Circuit Court and District Court, Western District, PA.” These dates agree with those you have but they may be a different pair of Robert and Farrell from James’ brothers. I have a certificate for James Finan registering for citizenship 22 October 1867 (finally granted 22 October 1886). I’d be glad to ship you copies of the information I have in exchange for yours.

        Feel free to contact me at:

        Thanks for writing and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

        –John Lohmann (Jane Finan’s son)

        • Melvin Kiernan / Dec 23 2013 10:34 pm

          The material you received “According to Mary Kiernan …” originated with me. I had sent a copy to Kathleen Olsen of Aberdeen NJ, a descendant of one of the Finan brothers.

          The Robert and Farrell Finan in Pittsburgh must be at least a generation older than the Robert, James and Farrell who were Ellen’s sons, since a person had to be at least 21 years old for a grant of citizenship.

          I have no further information about the Finan family, beyond the text you have. I visited the parish church in Easkey a few years ago, but their records begin in 1892. My own family, the Melvins, left Easkey at the time of the Famine and moved to Manchester, England. The father and two children died there in 1847. The others in the family are listed in the 1851 British census. My great grandfather Bernard Melvin and his brother Matthew emigrated, presumably in 1854. No United States immigration records have been found, so I assume they came through Canada, where the immigration records for the 1850s were lost in a fire. Matthew settled in the eastern suburbs of Pittsburgh and raised a large family there. Bernard was briefly with him, moving to New York City around 1861. Bernard was clearly in contact with the Finans in New York, since Robert Finan (Ellen’s son) was witness at Bernard’s wedding in 1866, and Bernard was a baptismal sponsor for Robert’s son James in 1869. Strangely, I have found no record of either the Melvins or the Finans serving in the Civil War. Neither have I found a record of Robert’s marriage to Catherine Feeney, probably in 1866.

          I would be particularly interested in finding information about the Finan family generations earlier than Farrell and Ellen, to tie together several strands of the family. But I seem to have exhausted the standard sources in Ireland.

          Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

          Melvin Kiernan

      • lohmann192 / Dec 24 2013 2:55 am

        Thank you for the family chronology. It represents a large percentage of what I know about the Finans. One correction: The “History” states that James and Elizabeth (Larkin) had a son, Vincent, who died in 1898. Actually, Vincent was my grandfather who married Anna Carey and had a son who married and had four boys, a daughter who married and had two girls, and a second daughter, Jane Marie, my mother, who married Ralph G. Lohmann and had 12 children, nine of whom are still living. I married Mary (Graham) after I was commissioned in the Army (1969) and we have three children, a daughter and two boys, one of whom married Emily (Hazlett) who have given us a grandson, Maxwell Riley Lohmann.
        In 2014, Mary and I hope to take a third trip to Ireland, to look around Sligo, as well as Leitrim, Roscommon, and Tipperary, where her relatives lived. I have Irish census data from 1901 and 1911 that lists Finans in Dunowla, 50 years after my ancestors left. These and your information about Easkey provide some starting places to look.

        Thanks again,

        –John Lohmann (from the state of New Hampshire)

      • Donna Jean Finan / Oct 6 2014 11:05 pm

        I am from grandfather was James Jeremiah Finan..he married a Mary trevenon..he lived in Johnstown,pa then moved to Pittsburgh..he worked in the coal mines in Johnstown..he had 5 sons…James…Edwin….Gerard….Paul and Donald(my father) do you know anything about other Pittsburgh Finans

  36. cathy brown / Oct 12 2013 1:05 am

    Hi my father was Owen Finan, he came to Scotland with his parents, brothers and sister . My grandmother was Bridget Feeney Finan and I think my grandfather was called George. My father died in 1978 and he was 64yrs. My aunt Kathleen was a spinster and used to go to Ireland at least once a year. She was murdered when she was 84 in her house in Glasgow. Its so sad that I never found out more about the relatives in Ireland, and I am 62 now, but maybe one day I will go to Ireland and see if I can find out anything. thanks

    • pol o frithil / Oct 12 2013 3:44 am

      do you have any idea were they came from in ireland. the most common part of ireland is sligo were the finan name is from. your dad was born in 1914 . so he would be not on census his father would be if you knew his name . the census for ireland for the year 1901 and 1911 is free on the national

      • Laura / Oct 12 2013 4:32 am

        According to different sites and my knowledge, I’m pretty sure that the Finan surname is most common in Roscommon but of course also common in Sligo. Even if you look up Finan in the census in 1911 there are 152 people in Sligo while there are 221 in Roscommon.

    • Michael Finan / Oct 23 2015 5:16 pm

      Hi Cathy, I know it’s a bit late replying to your request for information but just found your notice today. I’m from Sligo in Ireland. My father, Jack, who died in February 2011 at the age of 94, mentioned the story of the murder of his relation, Katrhleen, in Glasgow (when I was younger and not very aware of the family connections) and that’s what made me realize our connection. My great grandfather, John, lived in Sligo and was a cattle dealer who used to export animals to Scotland. I know this from my father’s story of his trip to Glasgow with his grandad when he was about ten years old. I have a family photograph of my (and your) great-grandfather’s family including your grandfather (George) at about the age eight. Looking at it right now. I don’t know anything about George or his family. You seem to know he married a Bridget Feeney. This is coincidental as his father (our great – grandfather, John) was married to Katy Feeney. I hope this gets to you and looking forward to your reply.

      Michael Finan

      • Cathy Brown / Oct 24 2015 2:57 pm

        Hi Michael, in the last post I sent to you I said my dad mentioned someone called JoJo but in fact I think it may have been John Jo. I’m afraid I don’t know too much of my parents families, I know my mum and dad went to Ireland for a holiday and they were at a Wake don’t know who died though I wasn’t born then and I’m 64. Cathy

  37. Sean Sheehan / Sep 25 2013 1:37 am

    Thanks this is a great review on this site. My ancestor Thomas was 19 on arriving here May 2, 1845, he was accompanied by his twin sisters(spinsters age 23) Ellen and Susan. From the Ship Emblems arrival in NY manifest. That is all the family data I have. At that age is it likely he would have been on earlier tax roles?

  38. reginajenkins / Sep 24 2013 7:48 am

    My Name is Regina M Hayes Jenkins and my Grandmother on my Father’s side was Ellen V Finan (Nellie) she married John Burton Hayes in St Louis,Mo. in 1908 she was born in St.Louis,Mo. in 1880 to John Finan and Ann Higgins.I just started researching this side of my wonderful family and I am being helped by a Irish Genealogist and my daughter.He of course directed me here.

  39. pol o frithil / Sep 23 2013 4:18 am

    Hayes Genealogy >
    Census/Directories >
    Cemetery Transcriptions/Images >
    Maps >
    Pictures >
    Books >
    Clonakilty History >
    Clonakilty Directories >
    Links >

    Griffiths Valuation of Ireland

    If you would like to view all the records for a town land in one file click here

    Surname First Name Townland Parish County
    Following are the exact matches:
    Finan Owen Ballymote Town of Ballymote Market Str. Emlaghfad Sligo
    Finan Patrick Town of Sligo Holborn Street Cairy Sligo
    Finan Michael Sligo Gallows Hill or Holbourn,Town Cairy Sligo
    Finan Laurence Sligo Bridge Street,Town Cairy Sligo
    Finan John Greyfield Kilfree Sligo
    Finan Laurence Barnasrahy Killaspugbrone Sligo
    Finan Daniel Carrownloughan Killoran Sligo
    Finan Bryan Cabragh Killoran Sligo
    Finan Michael Slieveroe or Siberia Killaspugbrone Sligo
    Finan John Sligo Gallows Hill or Holbourn,Town Cairy Sligo
    Finan Margaret Lugnamackan Ballysadare Sligo
    Finan Mary Belra Achonry Sligo
    Finan John Cloonarara Achonry Sligo
    Finan Patrick Moat Kilbegnet Galway
    Finan James Carrownacreevy Achonry Sligo
    Finan Michael Carrownaleck Achonry Sligo
    Finan Peter Corsallagh Achonry Sligo
    Finan Ellen Lugnamackan Ballysadare Sligo
    Finan James Ballyscannel Ahamlish Sligo
    Finan James Agharrow Ahamlish Sligo
    Finan John Deenodes Killoran Sligo
    Finan Margaret Cappagh Killoran Sligo
    Finan Peter Barnacoghil Templeboy Sligo
    Finan Patrick Finlough Kilvarnet Sligo
    Finan Miles Carrowntawy Kilvarnet Sligo
    Finan Michael Farranmorgan Kilmoremoy Sligo
    Finan Michael Town of Sligo Lower Quay Lane St. Johns Sligo
    Finan Patrick Sligo Love Lane St. Johns Sligo
    Finan Rev. Peter Irish Green,Newtownlimavady Drumachose Derry
    Finan James Crumlin or Rockfield. Rathaspick Westmeath
    Finan John Ballynacroghy or Gallowstown Kilbixy Westmeath
    Finan Patrick Cloonbarry Kilmacteige Sligo
    Finan Owen Knockahoney Kilmacteige Sligo
    Finan James Dunowla Kilmacshalgan Sligo
    Finan Patrick Cabragh Killoran Sligo
    Finan Michael Town of Coolaney Killoran Sligo
    Finan Michael Cappagh Killoran Sligo
    Finan Michael Dunowla Kilmacshalgan Sligo
    Finan Patrick Dunowla Kilmacshalgan Sligo
    Finan John Knockahoney Kilmacteige Sligo
    Finan Peter Farranmacfarrell Kilmacshalgan Sligo
    Finan Peter Dunowla Kilmacshalgan Sligo
    Finan Edward Corsallagh Achonry Sligo
    Finan James Sessuegilroy Achonry Sligo
    Finan John Cloonfower Kilkeevin Roscommon
    Finan John Breanabeg Kilkeevin Roscommon
    Finan James Cloonroughan Kilkeevin Roscommon
    Finan James Cloonfower Kilkeevin Roscommon
    Finan John, Jr. Cloonfower Kilkeevin Roscommon
    Finan Michael Arm Kilkeevin Roscommon
    Finan Patrick Beagh Kilkeevin Roscommon
    Finan Charles Carrowntawa Achonry Sligo
    Finan Michael Breanabeg Kilkeevin Roscommon
    Finan James Breanabeg Kilkeevin Roscommon
    Finan Hugh Cloonfower Kilkeevin Roscommon
    Finan John Shankoagh Drumatemple Roscommon
    Finan Patrick Corlis Baslick Roscommon
    Finan Patrick Carrowbaun Baslick Roscommon
    Finan John Cloonbard Baslick Roscommon
    Finan Michael Dundermot Drumatemple Roscommon
    Finan Patrick Shankoagh Drumatemple Roscommon
    Finan Dominick Cloonfower Kilkeevin Roscommon
    Finan William Brackloon Kilcorkey Roscommon
    Finan Michael Brackloon Kilcorkey Roscommon
    Finan Patrick Cloonfower Kilkeevin Roscommon
    Finan Michael Cloonfower Kilkeevin Roscommon
    Finan Thomas Barnacawley Tibohine Roscommon
    Finan Roger Breanamore Tibohine Roscommon
    Finan Peter Trien Kilkeevin Roscommon
    Finan Patrick Cloonsheever Tibohine Roscommon
    Finan Thomas Breanamore Tibohine Roscommon
    Finan Martin Lisnacroghy or Gallowstown Roscommon Roscommon
    Finan Charles Carrownaleck Achonry Sligo
    Finan Charles Carnyara Achonry Sligo
    Finan Patrick Lisnacroghy or Gallowstown Roscommon Roscommon
    Finan Pataick Parkeel Tibohine Roscommon
    Finan Roger Barnacawley Tibohine Roscommon
    Finan William Main Street Kilkeevin Roscommon
    Finan Martin Cloonfinglas Tibohine Roscommon
    Finan Thomas Creglahan Kilkeevin Roscommon
    Finan William Clooncoose North Kilkeevin Roscommon
    Finan Sarah Creggaslin Kilkeevin Roscommon
    Finan Dominick Ballyglass East Tibohine Roscommon
    Finan Bridget Barnacawley Tibohine Roscommon
    Finan John Breanamore Tibohine Roscommon

    these were all the finans that payed a tax to the church between 1848 and 1864 in roscommon and sligo. there maybe a family member in the list. this was a tax payed to upkeep the protestant faith as it was the state religion of the time. sorry there is so many , but it may help you

  40. Sean Sheehan / Sep 23 2013 3:25 am

    I would like to know, but my grandmother couldn’t remember. Assume maybe southern Roscommon as Nancy was from Galway, and that they knew each other before she came over.

  41. Sean Sheehan / Sep 22 2013 9:30 pm

    My great great grandfather was Thomas Finan, emmigrated to the US in May of 1945. Married Nancy Dwyer of Galway in 1849 when she came over. He quickly got Nancy pregnant Iand caught a ship for California and the gold rush. Stayed in Calif. 6 years and when he couldn’t convince Nancy to come out finally returned to Boston and produced 5 more children. Did well in Calif. selling to miners, would love to learn more of his Ireland origins, and other descendents.

    • pol o frithil / Sep 23 2013 12:29 am

      do you know were in ireland he was from. as the name is popular in sligo

      • pol o frithil / Sep 23 2013 12:44 am

        the name is common in roscommon

  42. Paul W. O'Finan / Sep 16 2013 1:39 pm

    I am delighted to see that there is a site dedicated to the Finan (Fionnain) family from Ireland!

    All I know is that my grandfather, James M. Finan, came from Port Ewen. NY and settled in Elizabeth, NJ and later became Fire Commissioner of Elizabeth cica ’20s or ’30s. In my entire life I have never met anyone with the name “Finan” and cannot believe that we have a family website!

    I must assume that we are all related in some way and I hope that everyone finds what they are looking for!

    Paul W. O’Finan, Esq.

    • pol i frithil / Sep 17 2013 4:42 am

      you are welcome to the finan page. the Finan name is most common in sligo. the name is believed to be a norman name originally .there was a st finan from lindisfarne in england

  43. pol o frithil / Aug 26 2013 4:58 am

    so is it near chorley, so the two finan families may be related. do you have any details of their parents and when they were born

  44. Joy / Aug 26 2013 1:44 am

    Yes it is in Lancashire .

  45. joy / Aug 24 2013 1:31 pm

    Hi,My father was James John Finan from Chorley Lancashire England,his father Peter, Mother Mary
    .I dont know if they originate from Ireland.Would like to find out more,Love the Coat of Arms

    • pol o frithil / Aug 25 2013 4:10 pm

      by any chance is Chorley near a place called St helens. the reason. i am asking is that i believe my grandfather had relatives who lived in this area in the 1930’s

  46. Anne Crimmins / Aug 21 2013 5:12 pm

    Hello, Finans from county Monaghan checking in!!

  47. Barbara Ellen Walters Wong / May 9 2013 10:46 am

    Awesome info, thx so much, Tom & Laura! There must be some other Mitchell/Mulvihil-Finan cousins who have more of that branch info to share…anybody?

    • Tom Voyles / May 9 2013 10:47 pm

      Hello Barbara,

      For more info you might go to and search the Public Member Trees
      for Mitchell. If you do not subscribe, Ancestry is available for use at many public

      However, be skeptical. Sometimes people make guesses and post them, and then
      someone else accepts that information as true and adds it in their tree. You can
      end up with the same incorrect information in a number of family trees.

      Good Luck,
      Tom Voyles

      • Barbara Ellen Walters Wong / May 10 2013 2:10 am

        Tom, thank you so very much for sharing your Finan/Carroll family information, & w/Laura in clarifying the townland/Parish historical divisions! You’ve been extremely helpful. Fortunately, Fianna blood/spirit continues to flow in Irish American veins; tracing my 1/4 Irish ancestry has been much more enlightening than what I’ve discovered thus far about my German, Norwegian, & Bohemian families. Being able to connect who all those ancestors were I heard so many fascinating family stories about as a child whenever the clan gathered around Grandma Bernice’s table, & now in turn sharing other’s stories & older histories with my mom, aunt, uncles, & cousins, is richly rewarding. Special blessings to all!

  48. Tom Voyles / May 7 2013 7:45 pm

    Hello Laura,

    This morning I wrote a response to your comment,
    but it became just too long to post here. This is
    the condensed version….

    You are correct that the TOWN of Castlerea is in the
    Civil parish of Kilkeevin, and when researching Irish
    GOVERNMENT records we would look in Kilkeevin
    Civil Parish. Peter and Nancy did indeed live in
    Kilkeevin Civil Parish, but they did not live in
    Castlerea town.

    Since Peter never appeared in any government
    record, the use of the word Castlerea can only refer
    to the Catholic Parish of Castlerea. Indeed, Peter
    appears in the register for the baptisms of three of
    his four children, and I assume that is where the
    word Castlerea in posted family trees comes from.
    That, and the habit of Irish immigrants to give their
    Catholic parish when asked where in Ireland they
    were from. (You can see this in many early U.S.
    records, including ship passenger manifest pages
    prior to the requirement for full addresses).

    Unfortunately, Peter and Nancy’s last child,
    Eleanor/Ellen/Nellie Finan was born during the
    1819-1827 gap in the Castlerea Catholic Parish
    baptismal register, so we have to rely on other
    sources for her date of birth. In the 1900 U.S.
    Census she, herself, said that she was born in
    May, 1823. This may be the best that we can do.

    The ruin of the old house of Peter Finan and
    Anna/Nancy Shaunessey in Beagh Townland was
    torn down in 1995 by the current landowner to make
    room for a cattle pen. In addition, I was told that
    some years back the “old Carroll house” in
    Adragol Townland was torn down during the
    widening of the N60 road south of Castlerea
    Town. Presumably that house was the one where
    John Carroll and Nellie Finan Carroll lived.

    Tom Voyles

    • Laura / May 8 2013 9:34 pm

      I’m sorry but Castlerea is in the Catholic Parish of Kilkeevin. I lived in Castlerea as a child and when we got the parish newsletter at mass, it was always Kilkeevin Parish with the areas of Trien, Castlerea and Cloonbonniffe underneath where there’s the churches in the parish. Those records are in the Castlerea Church baptismal register. On records it says ‘at the Roman Catholic Church of Castlerea in the Registrar’s District of Castlerea in the Union of Castlerea in the County of Roscommon.’ If a person lives in Cloonfower, they’d write their address as:

      Co. Roscommon.

      In Ireland, the nearest town is always put after the address. Look up this website as it gives you the map with all the parishes in Roscommon:

      • Tom Voyles / May 9 2013 10:36 pm

        Hello Laura,

        As for the name of the Catholic parish that encompasses
        the Town of Castlerea and the surrounding area, it turns out
        that we are both right. To learn what the Church itself calls
        that parish I went to the website of the Diocese of Elphin
        and clicked on its list of parishes.

        Sure enough, it is listed as the Parish of Castlerea, but with
        the word Kilkeevan in parentheses afterword. The note at
        the beginning of the list says that the name in parentheses
        is the historical name of the parish. So seems that either
        name is accepted.

        Therefore, I will respect your wish to call it the Catholic
        Parish of Kilkeevin, and I will continue to call it the Catholic
        Parish of Castlerea. We are both correct…
        Tom Voyles

  49. Barbara Ellen Walters Wong / May 6 2013 3:53 am

    Hello, Finan cousins XXXX-removed! I believe I am descended from Peter Finan & Nancy Shaughnessy’s daughter Nellie Finan & John Carroll of Castlerea; their daughter Mary Carroll b Dec. 1846-possibly in Adragol & husband James F. Mitchell/Mulvihill b 1845 in Castlerea are my great-great grandparents, buried at ZCBJ Cemetery, Wagner, SD 1923-1925; their 1st gen. Irish-American son Bernard Joseph Mitchell & wife Mary Ellen O’Connell also settled in Wagner, SD and are buried there, along w/my maternal grandparents Bernice Theresa Mitchell & John Barta. I was born in Wagner in 1957. I am working on my family tree and would appreciate any more info to fill in blanks for Nellie Finan & John Carroll & their parents/grands etc. Also would love to see any photos of our ancestors & family homelands in Castlerea/Roscommon, if anyone has to share. God bless us all!
    I am Barbara Ellen Walters Wong (maternal Irish family surnames Mitchell/Mulvihill-O’Connell-Carroll-Finan-Shaughnessy is the lineage I believe to be correct). Despite his Chinese name, my husband David Grant Wong was born a Gill (f Clarence?), but we’re unable to trace his Irish ancestry due to closed adoption records back in the 60’s. So our ‘American” clan now extends w/a Chinese surname… bet Peter/Nancy et al didn’t see that one coming! LOL🙂

    • Tom Voyles / May 6 2013 10:44 pm

      Hello Barbara,
      I think that I can help you….

      I am descended from Nellie Finan’s older brother, Michael Finan, the oldest son
      of Peter Finan and Anna/Nancy Shaunessey. I have researched the family
      for 25 years now. By inference, Peter and Anna/Nancy would have been born
      in the 1770’s, and I do not believe that records exist to go back any further
      than that. Of course, we should never say never…

      Where they were from in County Roscommon requires a little explanation.
      Many people do not understand Irish land divisions. The word Castlerea
      could refer to a number of different things, but most people use it to refer
      to Castlerea Catholic Parish. There are some 1,200 Catholic Parishes in
      Ireland and everyone lives in one, but they are not the person’s address.
      You probably live in a Catholic parish yourself, but it is not your address.

      In Ireland if a person lives outside of a town their address is their townland.
      Ireland consists of 32 counties, divided by the government(s) into some
      2,500 Civil Parishes, which are further divided into some 65,000 townlands.
      Townlands average a few hundred acres each. They are the person’s

      Peter Finan and Anna/Nancy Shaunessey lived in the Townland of Beagh
      (pronounced Behy), in Kilkeevin Civil Parish in County Roscommon. Beagh
      Townland, within Kilveevin Civil Parish happen to be located in Castlerea
      Catholic Parish. Incidentally, Nancy was her nickname. In the Castlerea
      Catholic Parish Register she is listed as Anna Shaunessey, just as Nellie
      was a nickname for Eleanor Finan, sometimes also listed as Ellen in Irish

      Eleanor/Nellie Finan married John Carroll, possibly at the old St. Joseph’s
      Chapel in Castlerea Town, on August 12, 1843. Their witnesses were
      Thomas Finan and Mary Finan. They lived on a 5 acre farm in the Townland
      of Adragol, which is adjacent to Beagh Townland, both about three miles
      south of the Town of Castlerea. Their farm was rented from a Miss McGrath.

      The number of children that they had is unsettled. In various family trees
      posted online on and in other places you will find up to 12 children
      attributed to them (sometimes children actually from other parts of Ireland).

      I believe that many of those other Carrolls are cousins or other sorts of relatives
      who also ended up in South Dakota in the nineteenth century. I have encountered
      situations a number of times where friends and relatives from a single townland
      in Ireland settled in the same place in the U.S. The first one over would send
      money back for the next one to come and also provide an initial destination, etc.

      The only source where I think that Nellie Finan Carroll actually talks to us is the Mitchell
      family’s 1900 U.S. Census page. We can figure that both Nellie and her daughter,
      Mary Mitchell, were present as that form was filled out on June 11, 1900 in Hayes
      Township, Crawford County, Iowa. Both would have been well aware of how
      many children that Nellie had. On that form Nellie stated that she had given birth
      to four children. She also stated that only three of those four were still living as that
      form was being filled out. (Susan Carroll had died in 1891).

      I have examined the Castlerea Catholic Parish Register, and the only four
      children of John Carroll and Eleanor/Nellie Finan Carroll that I recognize are:

      1. Anna Carroll, baptised July 19, 1844. Her sponsors were Matthew Carroll
      and Catherine Finan.

      2. Mary Carroll, born between 1844 and 1851. For some reason her
      baptism is not listed in the Castlerea Catholic Parish Register. My best guess
      is from the U.S. Census. Censuses only asked for a person’s age, except for
      the 1900 Census, which asked for a person’s month and year of birth. On that
      census Mary said that she was born in December, 1847.

      3. Susan Carroll, baptised February 17, 1851. Her sponsors were John Bierne
      and Catherine McNamara.

      4. John Carroll, born January 30, 1868 in Adragol Townland, Kilkeevin Civil Parish,
      Co. Roscommon.

      John Carroll, Sr. died February 18, 1875. He died of untreated bronchitis
      that he had for six months and there was no medical attendant available.
      His death registration says that he was 52 years old at death, making him
      born in 1823. Presumably Nellie Finan Carroll came to the U.S. shortly
      after 1875.

      In your family these are the children of James Mitchell and Mary Carroll
      that I am aware of:

      1. John Mitchell b. 1869 in Whiteside County, Illinois
      2. Bernard Joseph (“Beck”) b. 1871 in Whiteside County, Illinois
      3. Ellen Nellie Mitchell b. 1874 in Whiteside County, Illinois
      4. William Francis Mitchell b. 1876 (or 1873) in Whiteside County, Illinois
      5. Anna Delvera Mitchell b. 1878 in Whiteside County, Illinois
      6. Michael Edward Mitchell b. 1879 in Whiteside County, Illinois

      (Between 1879 and 1884 the family moved from Illinois to Iowa)

      7. Mary Mitchell b. May, 1884 in Iowa
      8. Alice Mitchell b. July, 1887 in Iowa
      9. James Mitchell b. ?, 1890 in Iowa
      10. Lucy Mitchell b. May, 1896 in Iowa

      I have more if you are interested.
      Send me an email if you have any questions.

      Tom Voyles
      The Villages, Florida

      • Laura / May 7 2013 3:13 am

        Castlerea is in the parish of Kilkeevin. Castlerea could be the barony or union for the townland.

  50. Jim Callahan / Apr 20 2013 10:26 pm

    My g-grandmother was Catherine (Kate) Finan Callaghan, 1835-1883 from the Gurteen area of County Sligo. Possibly descended from John Finan in the townland of Greyfield. Kate married Corneilus Callaghan, (1835-1906) from the townland of Moydough in Gurteen Sligo. Both went to USA and settled in Elk Point, SD (Dakota Territory).

  51. Christopher Finan / Apr 20 2013 1:36 am

    Hello and Thank you for this family history web site!
    I am the son of Thomas Finan of Castlerea, Ballaghaderreen, County Roscommon

  52. pol o frithil / Apr 11 2013 2:32 pm

    i am a direct descendant of the finans from dromore west in county sligo. my grandfather was a patrick born in 1900/1901. i have got back to the 1830’s with my side of the family. i have exhausted my searching for a woman called margaret finan born in the same village in may 1870 and have her on the irish census of 1901 but cant find any trace of her after. i have tried the civil and church records. so maybe someone may find her abroad for me. her parents were a michael patrick finan and a anne jourdan. she had a son born out of wedlock called francis finan . he was born in 1894 and died in august 1918 and buried in france. trying to find a link between him and me

    • pol o frithil / May 4 2013 2:09 am

      i think i have found the young frank or francis finan. there is a young male in the ballina workhouse age 8 whose initials are M.F this may be him as frank middle name on his service record is mark

  53. Kevin James Finan / Apr 2 2013 4:11 am

    Tom, that’s very interesting and yes indeed that is my family. Thank you very much for the post. I believe he came from County Mayo. Would that help? What type of other information would help you dig further back?

    • Tom Voyles / Apr 2 2013 6:59 am

      Hello Kevin,
      My problem is that I cannot find a Joseph Finan born in
      Ireland who fits our criteria, born in 1892 and came over
      in 1912 (or 08).

      From the census pages we can calculate that Joseph Finan was
      born in Ireland in either 1892 or 1893. From the first quarter of 1888
      to the end of 1895 I can find no Joseph Finan born in Ireland. The
      following are the closest that I could find to a Joseph Finan:

      !st quarter, 1890, Patrick Joseph Finan, born in Castlerea Registration District, Co. Roscommon

      2nd quarter, 1892, Patrick Joseph Finan, born in Castlerea Registration District, Co. Roscommon

      3rd quarter, 1893, Patrick Joseph Finan, born in Inishowen Registration District, Co. Donegal

      1st quarter, 1895, James Joseph Finan, born in Sligo Registration District, Co. Sligo

      I specialize in Co. Roscommon Finans, and here are the families of the two
      Roscommon Finans above:

      John Finan and Mary Dockery lived in Ballyglass East Townland in Tibohine Civil Parish.
      Their children (the ones that I know of) were:

      Mary Ellen Finan, born Feb. 4, 1887
      Cecelia Finan, born Sept 30, 1888
      Sarah Kate Finan, born March 13, 1890
      Patrick Joseph Finan, born March 6, 1892 (Possibly your great-grandfather)
      Dominick Finan, born Jan 28, 1893
      Teresa Finan, born Dec. 8, 1893
      Dominick Finan, born Jan. 28, 1895
      James Finan, born Nov. 27, 1896

      If this Patrick Joseph is yours, then I can tell you that I used to
      email a lady in Cleveland years ago, and some of the above family
      immigrated to Cleveland. She also said that some of them had
      gone to Pennsylvania. Her name was Linda Kuhn and it has been
      a decade or more since we lost contact.

      If the 1890 birth of Patrick Joseph is yours, then here is his

      Patrick Finan and Bridget Tighe lived in Lisalway Townland in Baslick Civil Parish.
      Their children (the ones that I know of) were:

      Patrick Joseph Finan, born March 4, 1890 (Possibly your great-grandfather)
      James Finan, born Oct, 1891
      Michael Finan, born Aug. 6, 1895
      Andrew Finan, born Feb. 12, 1899

      As a side note, this Lisalway family was very active during the Irish War of
      Independence 1919-1921.

      So, there is the information that I have for you. What I need for
      you to do is to look at all this and tell me if any of the siblings’ names
      are familiar to you, or if there is anything else that would lead us to
      choose one over the other. I think your first post said that there were
      other family members in Pennsylvania. Do you have names, approximate
      birth years, or where in PA they lived, or about when they would have
      come over?
      Tom Voyles

      • fionnchu / May 18 2014 1:54 am

        Hi, Tom. I track myself to Ballyglass, Loughglinn or Loughlynn’s James J. “Jim” Finan b. 27 Nov. 1896. Here’s two questions. Using a trial run of Ancestry-com, so not much time to check it more, but I found in two places on a Wright/Kyrke-Smith family tree posted there discrepancies with the material I’d compiled in 2004 from Dublin’s Lombard St + Land Valuation in person 2) checking a Finan site online years ago. Linda Kuhn [butchlk-@-gte-net as my e-mail for her in 2002] provided a snip of data to me about Finans in Cloongard t/l but it did not connect with the Ballyglass clan directly.

        1) This Ancestry UK tree clashes with my notes as to the marriage of James J. “J.J.” Finan 27 Nov. 1896 to not Anne “Nan” Diviney as I have it, but to Anne Riley. His father John Finan m. Mary Dockery 18 Feb. 1886. John’s father Dominick (b. ca. 1807 as I have it; d. 10 Aug. 1867 at Ballyglass), on the A-UK site, is credited with having m. not Ellen Dockery ca. 1853 as I recorded it but as Dominic Finan to Catherine Stretch or Strech b. 4 Feb. 1831 and m. 24 Feb. 1848 in Castlerea. Her father was Thomas Stretch or Strech, b. Castlerea and m. to Mary Williams, also b. Castlerea.

        2) I also note one more son of John Finan and Mary Dockery. B. Sept. 1898, John Christopher “Jack” Finan was a Clann na Talmhan member in the Seanad and then the 13th Dail. He d. 1984 in Rathgar, Dublin. A stub on Wikipedia of him can be found, but no real information. There is a story that John Finan, who d. 1898 before Jack was born, was sent to London on a Land League delegation where he was found “drowned in mysterious circumstances”. Anybody with more information about the Ballyglass Finans, please contact me, as I await clarification of these discrepancies and rumors.

        • Tom Voyles / May 26 2014 11:52 pm

          Dr. Murphy,
          Since my recent post, I have found something else among my records. I have the
          registration of the birth of Mary Bernadette Finan on June 21, 1931. She was born
          at 63 Lower Salthill, Galway Rural District. (the Galway and Roscommon Poor Law
          Unions were called Rural Districts). I believe Salthill is a part of Galway City.
          Mary’s parents were James Finan and Annie Diviney Finan. The occupation of the
          father was Commercial Traveler. The birth was registered by Elizabeth Hoare.
          You can probably discount Mary Riley as the wife of James. Email me if you would like the registration image.

          I remember that you used to talk about your Galway Finans, but I was unaware
          that you had tracked them back to Ballyglass East Townland. How were you able
          to do that?

          Tom Voyles

        • fionnchu / Feb 5 2015 3:10 am

          Hi, Tom. I appreciate the verification, as this shows the info is incorrect. As I mentioned in my earlier comment, my tracking was detective work at the PRO on Lombard Street in the early ’00s, after the Nat’l Library gave me a lead on parishes, and then I went to the Land Valuation Office to check their holdings to trace the occupation of the Ballyglass E. (Loughglynn) townland farm of the Finans.

        • fionnchu / May 27 2014 5:04 am

          Dear Tom, thanks for the verifications of Annie Diviney’s marriage to James J. Finan, as this corresponds to my own recording of their marriage 22 Sept. 1930 at Crossboyne Parish in East Co Mayo (just over the border from Co Galway west of Ballindine not far from Claremorris). Diviney (Deviny/Divany) family are from Scardaun West t/l (Scardane) also near Ballindine, Co Mayo.

          I started at the PRO in Lombard St, Dublin (this over a decade ago, not using the Net) and worked through birth and marriage records backwards, later checking at the Land Valuation Office their books on Ballyglass, supplemented by Griffith’s, microfiche, the local history shelf at Castlebar library, and censuses. Your Ballyglass Finan data corroborate mine, and the only other new info my search unearthed (discounting what seem errors for Anne “Riley” and also the “Stretch” family in Castlerea connecting to Dominic Finan by marriage to Catherine Stretch in 1831 Castlerea rather than as I have it Dominick Finan b. ca. 1807-died 10 Aug. 1867 B’glass of “heart disease” found dead in the fields, ca. 1850’s marriage to Ellen Dockery b. ca. 1819-d. 25 Apr. 1869 at B’glass) is a line back from Mary Dockery.

          In my records, I fail to trace past before ca. 1850 any Finans in Ballyglass. None are listed in the Title Appointment book for 1825, and this land was part of the Dillon estate leaseholdings, which I estimate were under the control of John Madden and Co. and James Gilligan in 1796, 24 acres/12 roods/0 perches. Griffith’s has ca. 1856 John Gilligan holding 6 acres with 5 others, names Noone, Crawley and 3 Duignans. There was a “P.” Finan who was a Land League speaker in 1897 at Ballinadreen over the Mayo border, but I cannot find out more about him. Patrick + Bridget Duignan appear as witnesses for Honoria Finan’s baptism (see below).

          I have Ellen Dockery marrying Dominick Finan probably Tibohine Parish ca. 1849-1850 or earlier, as first child Honoria b. 22 Dec. 1850 there. Listed (also Finen?) as farmer at B’glass East and had land in Cloonflower t/l, Kilkeevan parish. Land Valuation lists “bad situation” and this land as “bog” in 1886 for B’glass East. One reason perhaps John, also registered as a farmer, and the Land League connected? 1901 census lists it as better, as farmhouse where Mary lived with many children had 4 windows at front despite the taxes incurred, and 4 rooms with a permanent roof and cow outbuilding. This was later fixed up by son “Jack” and I believe it is still owned by a Dublin Finan; post-1984 the site has reverted to ruin. This replaced ca. 1851 a house that had fallen in the “Big Wind” of 1839. The only one to add to the list of children you show for Mary and John Finan is their last son, John Christopher {Thomas?} “Jack” Finan, b. (posthumously I believe after his father John’s death in London) in Sept. 1899-d. 1984 Rathgar, Dublin. He was a TD in the Seanad and then the 13th Dail for Clann na Talmhan in the late 1940s- early 1950s.

          Was there another Dockery-Finan marriage a generation later? Mary Dockery b. at Callow 18 Apr. 1860-d. 1941, married possibly at Breedogue Parish, 18 Feb. 1886 to John Finan b. B’glass East t/l, b. 1850?/3-. d. 1898 in London, in the odd circumstances I posted on previously after being sent over as a Land League delegate from Co Roscommon. But John’s birthdate of 27 May 1850 (via clashes with a b. date I had around 19 May 1853 at B’glass East John Finan, as well as the fact that the records reveal his sister Honoria’s birth in late Dec. 1850!

          Mary D’s father Patrick Dockery b. at Ballinameen ca. 1823, living by 1880s at Callow, farmer, land at Cloonsheever t/l. Patrick m. ca. 1855 to Cecelia Forde b. 3 May 1824, Elphin. Cecelia’s father Michael Forde m. Mary Geraghty (para. acc. to

          As to the Divineys whose Annie m. James J. Finan in 1930, I have less luck with firm data; the surname variation may be to blame, and/or possible traveller ancestry. Here’s what I compiled, in case anyone can add to it or correct it. Anne (Annie) Diviney was b. 8 June 1901 to Andrew “Deviny” b. ca. 1860 Ballindine + Margaret [O’?] Connell, for whom I can find no birth record for any Irish-born Connell female ca 1869 without an “O”. Married 15 July 1891. 1901/11 census has them farming at “Scardane” and at Carrowconor t/l as “Diviny” and all Irish-speaking. Andrew’s parents Thaddeus “Divany” b. 1807-d. 10 Sept. 1894, living at Scardaun West and Drummin t/l 1864-1890s if not through to 1911 farming. He married Bridget Mongan b. ca. 1807-d. after 1901, as she was living at 93 in 1901 census. Also at that time: Delia (8), Mary (6), Thady (4 years old in 1901, b. 1896-d. 1981) and Pat (2).

          Bridget Mongan may have married in 1837. Possibly living at Esker t/l with sons and grandsons as a widow. Mongan is an East Mayo traveller surname.

          Thaddeus “Divany” at Scardaun West t/l in 1797 Title Appointment Book. Griffith’s lists Thaddeus “Divany” at same in 1856 and also at Carrowconor and Drummin t/l with another (?) Thaddeus, an Andrew, and a Martin D.

          Don’t mean to overwhelm the list, but as you’ve been kind, Tom, in sharing the information you have, I wanted to compile this in return. The rest of what I have for Finan siblings matches your material, as I reckon that’s where I obtained it….Far as I can tell, no Galway Finans from this Ballyglass branch remain, for emigration to Dublin, England, or America appears as for Divineys to be the rule the past century.

        • Joanne Finan Flynn / Aug 1 2014 4:36 pm

          Hi Fionnchu,
          I was looking up the name of the party my grandfather represented as a TD for my son and came across this site. I see you have my grandfather listed as the youngest son of John & Mary (nee Dockery). My grandfather was born in 1898 & if you look up the 1901 irish census, entering him as John Finan, -5 yrs at the time, from loughlynn, Co. Roscommon (Ballyglass East) you will see him listed age 2 at the time & the youngest of 8 children. His mother was head of household by this time as my great grandfather passed away when my grandfather was about 6 months old.
          The official story was that he died from drowning in a lake although it has come to light over the years that he went to London to protest with the Land League shortly after my grandfather was born & was found dead in the Thames. Circumstances remain unclear as to what exactly led to this.
          The family home in Roscommon remained in my family until just recently as it had been left to my grandad & he in turn bequeathed it. Up until he lost his life in a fire in his family home in Dublin, I have fond memories of him returning from one of his regular trips to check on the farm in Roscommon with pockets full of dairy milk chocolate bars ready to be given out to any grandchildren he might encounter upon arrival.
          My grandad married late enough in life to a much younger & very beautiful Mary (nee Fitzmaurice, Co. Mayo). They went onto have 7 children & to date there are 20 of us grandchildren & 21 great grandchildren!
          Hope this is of some help to you & ties up my grandfathers story to some ends.

  54. Kevin James Finan / Mar 31 2013 6:27 am

    My name is Kevin Finan. Grandfather was William Finan from Masontown, PA. Many of his brothers and sisters lived in Uniontown or Masontown too. Anyone familiar with them? I believe their father was from County Mayo, Ireland and came to the states in early 1900s.

    • Tovoyles / Apr 2 2013 12:40 am

      Hello Kevin,
      My name is Tom Voyles. I am a retiree who researches Finan families
      of County Roscommon as a hobby. I found what I think is your Finan
      family in the 1920 and 1930 U.S. Censuses, but I haven’t been able to
      place them in Ireland yet. You can tell me if the following is your
      grandfather’s family…

      The 1920 census was done in the family’s area on January 16 and 17, 1920.

      The family lived at 35 Feathus (Feathers?) Avenue in South Union Township
      in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. The family owned the house, but it was

      The family consisted of:
      Joseph Finan, Head, age 27, married, immigrated to the U.S. in 1912 (but an 8 is written above the 12).
      He was naturalized in 1917. He was born in Ireland and both his parents were born in Ireland.
      Joseph was a miner in a coal mine.
      Cathryn Finan, wife, age 22, married, born in Pennsylvania, and both parents born in Pennsylvania.
      Marie C. Finan, daughter, age 4 and 8/12, single, born Pa, father born Ireland, mother Pa.
      Joseph P. Finan, son, age 2 and 4/12, single, born Pa, father born Ireland, mother Pa.
      Betty J. Finan, daughter, age 3/12, single, born Pa, father born Ireland, mother born Pa.

      The 1930 Census was done in the family’s area on (no date given) April, 1930.
      The family lived in Gorman Township in Fayette County, Pa. The census taker
      noted that there were no house numbers on (unreadable) Terrace where they lived.
      They owned the house and it was valued at $6,000 in 1930. The family had a
      radio, the latest in technology in 1930….

      The family consisted of:
      Joseph Finan, head, age 38, married at age 22, immigrated to U.S. in 1912, naturalized.
      Works as a laborer in a coal mine.
      Cathryn Finan, wife, age 32, married at 16.
      Marie Finan, daughter, age 15, single.
      Joseph Finan, son, age 13, single.
      Elizabeth Finan, daughter, age 11, single. (Notice that she was Betty in 1920)
      William Finan, son, age 6, single.
      Kathleen Finan, daughter, age 5.

      I have looked for Joseph Finan in the ship passenger lists, but there
      are too many Joseph Finans arriving in 1912 and 1908. I need something
      to set your Joseph apart from the others. Is there any family lore as
      to where in Ireland the family came from>

      I hope that this is the family of your grandfather, William Finan.

      Feel free to email me.

      Tom Voyles

    • Linda / Apr 22 2016 10:35 pm


      I am very familiar with this line and would be happy to share my information with you.

      Due to the age of your post, I’ll be very brief and only list the very basic information for now.

      Your line of Finan’s, who originated in Co. Roscommon:

      William John Finan & Peggy Woolridge
      Patrick Joseph Finan & Katherine Monahan
      John Finan & Mary Dockery
      Dominick Finan & Ellen/Eleanora Dockery

      Please let me know if I can be of further assistance!


  55. Jim Callahan / Dec 18 2012 5:49 pm

    Someone prior to me commented on the Lavin’s and New Orleans Finans, I only knew of the Loughrea town in Galway. Hopefully your friend will respond

    My g-grandmother was kate Finan from the Gurteen area of Sligo. I don’t have any other info on her family

    • Claire / Jul 26 2014 5:43 pm

      On Sunday, June 24, 1877, at ½ past 11 o’clock PM Bridget Finan, wife of the late John Lavin, aged 49 years, native of County Roscommon, Parish Kilkieren, Ireland and resident of this city for the last 30 years.
      The friends and acquaintances and those of her son Michael Lavin, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral from the residence of her son-in-law, Peter C Gaffney, # 11 Constance St at 10 AM Tuesday June 26, 1877.

      New Orleans Times Picayune 6/26/1877 p 4 c 5

  56. Jim Callahan / Dec 17 2012 8:56 pm

    The town in Galway is probably Loughrea, my wife has a cousin that lives there. Nice village, I have been there 3 or 4 times

    • Jane / Dec 18 2012 7:25 am

      thanks for the reply. The Kilkierren was spelled that way in the New Orleans newspaper obit.I was very confused! I think it must be Kilkeevan.
      Please tell me about the James and Gertrude Finnans. I do know that my Finnan family arrived as so many did from 1845 to 1860. Originally I thought that John Lavin was also from Roscommon, but I found his Civil War records. My mother had previously written Loughrey, Galway and it matched! He died in 1863 during a battle in Virginia.
      Any other thoughts? I want to visit Ireland and I am trying to find the areas to visit..

      • Patrick Gaffney / Dec 8 2013 4:31 am

        What did you find in Ireland? My tree includes John Lavin (d. Battle of Mine Run, VA) and Bridget Finan.

        • Jane / Jan 8 2014 11:44 pm

          Hello Patrick
          I haven’t made my trip yet.. I am sure we are related through the Gaffney line. My grandmother was Jane, daughter of Peter and Mary Ann Lavin.
          I am still hoping to find info on John, and was happy to find his Civil War records.
          Please share any info. I have been working on the Gaffney Lavin family for some time. Jane

      • Patrick Gaffney / Jan 9 2014 9:26 pm

        Hi Jane, I can send you PDFs of genealogical charts that include my father’s great-grandparents John Lavin and Bridget Finan, My father’s paternal grandmother was Mary Ann Lavin, so I guess your grandmother Jane was my grandfather Peter Gaffney’s sister? I don’t have much on Bridget Finan, other than her father James and mother Jane Gill. I can dig through my files if this is of interest. Pat

        • Jane / Jan 9 2014 9:43 pm

          Hello. So glad to find a cousin ! Yes, Jane was Peter’s sister. She and Bridget , the oldest, lived with my parents all my life. I did not know the name of Bridget Finan Lavins parents!
          I have photos you might like and I would love to see all your info???I will rejoin the group to get your email..Thanks! Jane

        • Jane / Jan 14 2014 9:25 pm

          hello I am very interested in all info you have. However I am not getting any email from the site..Any ideas… ?

        • Jane / Jan 16 2014 6:53 pm

          Hello. have my account back up…love to hear from you..

        • Claire / Jul 26 2014 6:37 pm

          On Sunday, June 24, 1877, at ½ past 11 o’clock PM Bridget Finan, wife of the late John Lavin, aged 49 years, native of County Roscommon, Parish Kilkieren, Ireland and resident of this city for the last 30 years.
          The friends and acquaintances and those of her son Michael Lavin, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral from the residence of her son-in-law, Peter C Gaffney, # 11 Constance St at 10 AM Tuesday June 26, 1877.

          New Orleans Times Picayune 6/26/1877 p 4 c 5

      • Patrick Gaffney / Jan 31 2014 2:31 am

        Hi Jane,

        I have my family information in Family Tree Maker. It looks like I have John LAVIN and his wife Bridget FINAN as my father’s great-grandparents; I have only brief information on them, and nothing on their ancestors. Have you been able to find out more?

        • Ron Cambias / Jul 15 2015 7:33 am

          Hi Patrick,

          My name is Ron Cambias. My grandmother was Catherine Gaffney (who married Gus Cambias). Her grandmother was Bridget Lavin. Bridget Lavin (maiden name Finan) married John Lavin on February 19, 1849 at St. Joseph Church in New Orleans. John Lavin’s parents were Michael Lavin and Bridget Christi. Bridget Finan’s parents were James Finan and Jane Gill. I am pretty sure Bridget Finan was from a little town called Cloonfower in County Roscommon. I would love any information you might have on the Gaffneys and/or Lavin/Finans. I don’t know if you know where in County Cavan the Gaffneys were from and what Peter C. Gaffney’s date of birth was. I think it might have been August 11, 1846 but am not sure if this is correct. Would appreciate any information or photos you might be able to share. Thanks!


        • Patrick Gaffney / Jul 16 2015 5:02 am

          Hi Ron,

          It sounds like your grandparents were my uncle A.G. and aunt Kate Cambias. Back in the 1950s I spent summers in Louisiana after my family moved to Arizona, and have fond memories of hanging out with my cousin Eddie. The older brothers were not around as much at that time. My father Peter Gaffney used to keep up with Ron and Terry et al. as I recall.

          I’m not at my desktop right now but I can send whatever information I do have. Might be easiest if you send me your e-mail address.

          BTW, our son Conor Gaffney has been working for the city of N.O. for the last few years, but hasn’t had the opportunity to meet all the distant relatives, especially on the Gaffney side. Unfortunately he’ll be leaving in a few weeks to start law school in New York, so we’ll have fewer excuses to journey down to LA.

          Looking forward to hearing from you, and sharing information – best wishes,

          Patrick Gaffney 30952 Edgewater Drive Lewes, DE 19958 (302) 645-1151

        • Ron Cambias / Jul 19 2015 9:08 pm


          When you get a chance, send me your e-mail address and I will be happy to send you any information I have on the Gaffney/Lavin side of the family.


  57. Jane / Dec 16 2012 11:04 pm

    Hello- My great grandmother was Bridget Finan, born 1826, from the parish of Kilkieren in Roscommon. She was married to John Lavin, who I believe was from Laughrey Galway. I have no information on her parents, nor his, so I was intrigued by posts mentioning land belonging to the Lavins. I was told they did not know each other prior to coming to New Orleans about 1847. Can anyone give me information? Thanks!

    • Tom Voyles / Dec 17 2012 8:44 pm

      Hello Jane,
      My name is Tom Voyles and I research Co. Roscommon Finans. I can find no Kilkeiran parish in Co.
      Roscommon, either Civil or Catholic. The majority of 19th century Co. Roscommon Finans lived in Kilkeevan Civil Parish, most of which lies in the Catholic Parish of Castlerea. If your Bridget Finan was Roscommon, then we will not find her in the Castlerea Parish baptismal register because there is a gap from 1819 to 1827. I might mention that there is a Kilkerrin Civil Parish in Galway and also a Catholic Parish called Kilkerrin and Clonberne. I am aware of the 19th century New Orleans Finan family of James and Gertrude. If that one is yours, I can help you.

      • pol o frithil / Sep 26 2013 4:47 am

        i was watching the irish news and it was a cattle sale in castlerea and there were two finan men interviewed . it may be stil on the rte iplayer

      • Tom Voyles / Sep 27 2013 3:22 am

        I watched the RTE 9 PM Thursday news, but did not see anything about the Castlerea Cattle Mart. My searches came up empty also. I do have a cousin, Richard Finan, who used to be active in that mart, and his brother, Michael, operates the farm supply store in Castlerea. There are also several other
        Finans in the area who are involved in the cattle business.
        Tom Voyles

      • Maria / Sep 27 2013 11:45 pm

        Hello Tom,
        It was on the Six One News on the 24 September. It wasn’t shown on the nine o’clock news. I believe from memory that Richard Finan was shown at the mart. Here’s the link:

      • Maria / Sep 28 2013 12:02 am

        Castlerea mart is shown at 21:58. J J Finan and Richard Finan are included.

      • Tom Voyles / Sep 28 2013 1:43 am

        Hello Maria,
        Thank you so much. I just watched the RTE SIX ONE News. I saw my cousin Richard (Dick) Finan being interviewed, and I think that one of the men in the
        stands (who was not interviewed) was my cousin Michael Finan. I do not know JJ Finan, and I will phone the family over there and ask just who he is. THANK YOU
        for alerting me to this telecast !!!
        Tom Voyles

    • Ron Cambias / Jul 15 2015 7:26 am

      Hi Jane.

      I am Ron Cambias. My grandmother was Catherine Cambias (maiden name Gaffney). Her grandmother was Bridget Lavin who married Peter Gaffney. Bridget was most likely from a little town called Cloonfower in County Roscommon. The name of the parish was Kilkeevan (church parish of Castlerea). She married John Lavin on February 19, 1849 at St. Joseph’s Church in New Orleans. The parish register showed where each of them marked their name with an “X” as they did not read or write. Her parents were James Finan and Jane Gill. John Lavin’s parents were listed in their marriage register as Michael Lavin and Bridget Christi. I would love any information you might have of the Gaffneys or Lavin/Finans, including dates, places, photos, etc. Thanks for any help you can give!


  58. joanne finan / Nov 22 2012 3:02 pm

    hi melinda thank you for your reply, stalybridge is in manchester england, wow ohio its amazing how far spread us finans are lol, i have only just started with the finan history i know that we too came from Ireland its amazing as i have always wanted to visit there, hope you are well melinda take care and hopefully chat soon x jo

  59. joanne finan / Nov 21 2012 5:14 pm

    hello im joanne finan, my dad is michael finan whose dad was george finan we live in stalybridge, cheshire and im so interested in our family history, i know that my grandad came from a big family so if anyone has any information im all ears thanks jo x

    • Meli / Nov 21 2012 8:49 pm

      Hi Joanne, Glad to see you here! Although I have no idea where Stalybridge, Cheshire is, I’m in Ohio, America. My fiance is a Finan. I’m also very interested in family history. My Irish line is “Tharpe” amongst others, but I have quite a bit in my fiance’s Finan tree. Hope to chat sometime…


    • pol o frithil / Sep 26 2013 4:45 am

      by any chance did you finan family come from st helen’s or had you family in st helen’s as this is not to fare away from you

  60. Jim Callahan / Sep 11 2012 4:52 pm

    Are there any Sligo Finan’s on this list? Anyone connected to the Finan’s that came from the Gurteen area of Sligo. There was a Father James Finan in one of the neighboring parishes a few years back. Not sure if he is still there.
    My G-grandmother was Catherin (Kate) Finan that came from Greyfield in the Gurteen area of Sligo.
    That is all I know of my Finan’s

  61. Maria / Sep 8 2012 5:32 pm

    Why is the time messages are posted done for the time it is in Pakistan? I hope to go to Roscommon library sometime to see can I find any records or pictures on Honor or Hugh. I would love to have pictures so much as my mum’s side doesn’t have any really past her mum and dad.

  62. Maria / Sep 8 2012 5:26 pm


  63. Maria / Aug 21 2012 9:10 pm

    Can you get in contact with the person who created this site.

  64. Maria / Aug 21 2012 4:17 pm

    When I search ‘patrick finan celia crawley marriage feb 12 1867,’ this is the first website that appears. Under the website it says ‘4 Nov 2005 – Patrick FINAN (____ – 1923) … Family 1 : Celia CRAWLEY. MARRIAGE: 12 Feb 1867 [272] [273]. +Catherine FINAN; +Susan FINAN · Mary …’ All these people are in my family tree but I can’t find it anywhere on the site. Please help! This was before I put up my message that I found this so it must be somewhere but I cannot find it.

    • tfinan / Aug 28 2012 10:15 pm

      Your search is returning that because my old site (also called contained a pedigree chart of my family tree. Your search must have hit upon some cached version of that old site. The tree is not yet on this site because I could not figure out how to import a GEDCOM file into wordpress (I am still working on it).

      I will email you with some further information on Patrick Finan and Celia Crawley. Their decedents are still in Ireland today, in a townland called Cloonfower, which is just outside of Castlerea in County Roscommon. I was fortunate to visit this family back in 2000. They still live on the same property that Patrick and Celia did back in the late 19th century!

      • Maria / Sep 2 2012 5:14 pm

        Hello, thank you so much for replying to my comment. I live just outside Castlerea on the road towards Cloonfower. Thank you so much. I actually know Maizie and Dominic Lavin. My grandmother was her husband’s cousin.

      • Maria / Sep 2 2012 5:25 pm

        Hello, thank you so much for replying to my comment. I live just outside Castlerea on the road towards Cloonfower. Thank you so much. I actually know Maizie and Dominic Lavin. My grandmother was her husband’s cousin. Do you have information on Hugh Finan and Honora Helbert with marriage, birth and death dates? Thank you for the information you’ve given me.

        • tfinan / Sep 3 2012 8:51 pm

          That is great…I probably drove by your place during my visit. I am guessing that you also
          know Pat Byrne? If not, you should track him down (he lives near Maizie and Dominic). Pat knows
          just about everything there is to know about the Cloonfower Finans. He is also related, but off
          the top of my head I can’t quite recall the connection.


      • Maria / Sep 4 2012 1:59 am

        I do know Pat. I knew we were related but just like you don’t know the connection. Do you have the information on Honora Helbert and Hugh Finan? There’s no rush to reply so take your time. I’m also curious to know how you’re related to Hugh Finan. Was it one of Patrick (son) or Hugh’s (father) brothers?

      • Maria / Sep 8 2012 4:20 pm

        I found a website that might help you upload a gedcom. It may not work as I have not tried it.
        Here’s a website about it:

        Here’s a video:

        You could also use print screen button and upload the image like this:

      • Maria / Sep 8 2012 4:21 pm

        I used my friends Flickr for the image. That’s not me but you can leave messages there if you want to contact me my friend will tell me about it.

      • Maria / Sep 9 2012 3:50 am

        Hello Tim,
        I was just curious about that pdf file you sent me. I was looking at Patrick Finan and Celia Crawley and their daughter Ellie and her son Peter’s family. I was wondering if the names you had for Peter’s family were correct. My mum says that his wife was Georgina Gibbs (she thinks that was her surname) and they had no children. Maybe I wasn’t following the pdf correctly but my mum is certain Peter’s wife was Georgina. Please reply and thank you for reading my comments.

      • tfinan / Sep 11 2012 4:11 pm

        Hi Maria,
        I am pretty sure that I got all of my Cloonfower Finan information directly from either Pat Burne or John Ryan (do you also know John?). When I get some time, I will go back and review all of my notes and videos (I interviewed both Pat and John and recorded it). I certainly could have gotten things wrong. I’d love to get a look at all of your information, if you wouldn’t mind sending it to me!


      • Maria / Sep 13 2012 12:41 am

        Hello Tim,
        First of all, I do know John but I wasn’t aware that he had any connections to Finans or maybe he doesn’t but I assume he is since he knows about Finans. I’ll tell you the information I have and start from the top. There is Hugh Finan b. c1780 and died Aug 26, 1867. According to you his wife was Honora Helbert b. c1798 and died 1872 and married her on Aug 26, 1819 (am I related to the Helberts who currently live in Cloonchambers?). They had four children that I know of. John Finan b. 1830, Hugh Finan b.1834, Patrick Finan b. c1836, Thomas Finan b. 1837. Patrick Finan married Celia Crawley b. 1846 d. 1929 and her father was Michael. They married on Feb 12, 1867. They had 10 children that I know of. Anne Finan b. Jan 22, 1868, Brigid Finan b. Aug 20, 1869, Mary Connella (nee Finan) b. May 1, 1871 and married Michael Connella, Honor Finan b. Mar 24, 1873, Catherine Lavin (nee Finan) b. Feb 13, 1875 (and you know her family), Patrick Finan b. Jun 18, 1877, Thomas Finan b. 1878, Eleanor Finan b. 1882 (you know her family but I think Peter married Georgina Gibbs, had no family and was last of siblings to die), Celia Greene (Finan) b. Aug 22, 1885 who married Daniel Greene who are my great grandparents and had 3 children, Susan Finan b. 1889 (you know her family and she has a daughter named Honor b. c1927 d. May 1, 1993). That’s basically everything I know. I’d love to hear what you know and how you’re connected to my family.


      • Maria / Sep 15 2012 7:17 pm

        Hi Tim,

        Just out of curiosity, are you a subscriber of There is a member who has a family tree which includes Patrick Finan, Celia Crawley, Hugh Finan and Honora Helbert and his name is Kevin O’Neill from Cambridge. He may have some information of interest but I can’t contact him as I’m not a paying customer. I’d love to know how you’re connected to Patrick Finan. Who’s you’re great grandparents?


      • Maria / Sep 24 2012 3:11 am

        I was just looking at the info you had for Patrick Finan. You have it that he died in 1923. According to the census, Celia Crawley was a widow in 1911 and Patrick was still alive in 1901 so he must have died between 1901 and 1911.

    • Maria / Sep 16 2012 4:33 pm

      Was James Finan who was married to Letitia a brother of Hugh and I’m curious as to how you found this out? I really would love to hear how we’re connected.

      • Tom Voyles / Nov 12 2012 1:26 am

        Hello Maria,
        My name is Tom Voyles. I have been doing Co. Roscommon
        Finan genealogy research for almost 25 years and maybe I can
        help you a little. I am descended from the Finans in the Ballintober
        area down below Castlerea.

        From your postings I assume that you live either in Ballindrimly
        or in Brenabeg, on the road from Cloonalis House out toward
        Cloonfower. The Ballindrimly and Brenabeg Finans were mixed
        in with those in Cloonfower who were mixed in with those across
        the road in Brenamore. Maggie Doherty told me that years ago,
        before her death. It is reasonable to assume that all these Finans
        link onto the same family tree, and I have been working on that
        problem for a number of years.

        In this post I will stick to Hugh in Cloonfower. Griffith’s was done
        in Co. Roscommon in 1857 and 1858. At that time I think that
        there were seven Finan houses in Cloonfower Townland. The
        three landholdings of Hugh Finan were the furthest along the road
        from you. He had 66 acres, which were on both sides of the road,
        and included the land where Michael and Marie Brennan now
        live (or used to).

        John Finan had 13 acres that started at the zed crossing,
        where the Lavins are, and stretched northwest from that

        Diagonal across the zed crossing and the Lavins was a 69 acre
        holding shared by Michael and Dominick Finan.

        Out in back of Hugh’s holdings was the 23 acre holding of James
        Finan, and next to his was a 66 acre holding shared by Patrick
        Finan and John Finan, Junior.

        I have not yet established the relationships between these seven
        Finans. We can assume that John, Jr. is the son of John, but that
        is where I am stuck. Patrick and John Jr. sharing a holding
        probably means that they are related also, but how?

        Here is what I have for the family of Hugh Finan:

        23 Feb, 1819 Hugh Finan and Honora Helbert married
        Witnesses: Patrick Helbert and John Finan

        I have a continuous stream of Finan baptisms in Castlerea Catholic
        Parish from 1830-37, but I only found two baptisms for Hugh and Honora:

        21 March, 1830 John Finan born, Sponsors: John Finan and Mary Flanagan
        29 March, 1837 John Finan born, Sponsors: Michael Finan and Catherine Flanagan

        I assume that the 1830 John died young and that is why they named
        the 1837 birth John. I believe that the 1837 John emigrated to St. Louis,
        Missouri about 1870. There are Finan descendents there today
        researching this family.

        I knew Pake Lavin and Mazie. If I remember correctly, Pake’s
        parents were Patrick Finan and Celia Crawley. (I gave him a copy
        of his mother’s birth registration). Celia had spent 18 years in
        Rhode Island in the U.S. She went back to Ireland about 1910
        and married there. I haven’t been to Ireland for a long time, and I wrote
        a letter to Mazie last Christmas at Aras Mhaither Phol in Castlerea.
        The sad news is that I am told she has lost some of her faculties….

        Lordy, I just went on Ancestry to check Kevin O’neill’s tree. I found out
        that I am the source of some of his information. Why don’t I remember?
        Must be old-timer’s disease…

        Tom Voyles
        The Villages, Florida

        Tim: I am sorry, but I hadn’t checked your website recently due to my
        health problems this past year. I need to check it more frequently.

  65. Jim Callahan / Jul 21 2012 8:37 pm

    There are still Finan families in the County Sligo area. My g-grandmother was Kate Finan Callaghan married to Corneilus Callaghan back in the 1860’s. They were both from the Gurteen area of Sligo but married in Concinnati, OH and then moved to South dakota for free land
    Presently, there is a local priest near Gurteen by the name of Father Finan.

  66. Shane 'Finanski' Finan / Jul 21 2012 5:30 am

    Has anyone made contact with Finans who still live in Ireland ?

    • Mary Finan Thanasouras / Jun 27 2013 1:54 am

      Hi! My maiden name is Mary Elizabeth Finan. Went to Ireland in 2009 with siblings and had a wonderful time meeting John J. and Bridie Finan at John J. Finan’s Hardware and Pub in Charlestown. We have no idea if they are related, but they were very welcoming and gracious to us. Our grandfather was John J. Finan, born to Michael Finan who came to the US via England and settled in the Chicago area.

      • pol o frithil / Jun 28 2013 3:53 am

        i am descendant of finans from dromore west in sligo. there were 3 finan families in dromore west in the late 19th century and one in templeboy . this is the next parish, there is only one in dromore west . the others have died out or they emigrated

      • Tom Voyles / Jun 30 2013 10:08 pm

        Hello Mary,
        I can help you if your Michael Finan died in Chicago on Jan. 5, 1938. Do you know, or can you
        find out, if that was your g-grandfather’s death date?
        Tom Voyles

  67. Shane 'Finanski' Finan / Jul 20 2012 12:19 am

    I think my Great-great Grandfather was born in Ireland in 1898, his name was Alfred Finan and he moved to Wales

  68. Shane 'Finanski' Finan / Jul 20 2012 12:11 am

    Hi great website!!!

  69. Maria / Jun 23 2012 1:21 am

    My great grandmother was called Celia Finan and my great great grandfather was called Patrick Finan.

    • Meli / Jul 8 2012 8:39 pm

      Hi Maria,
      Glad you commented! When was your gg-grandfather Patrick Finan born? I have a Patrick Finan born abt. 1858, son of James Finan born abt. 1831.

      Good luck to you,

      • Maria / Aug 21 2012 3:53 pm

        Patrick was born around 1836 and was married to a Celia Crawley on Feb 12, 1867. Their children were Celia, Susan, Eleanor, Anne, Bridget, Mary, Honor, Catherine, Patrick and Thomas. Patrick may have been a brother of James as they were born around the same time.

      • Maria / Aug 21 2012 3:55 pm

        Patrick’s dad was named Hugh according their marriage certificate.

      • Maria / Aug 21 2012 9:29 pm

        I think Patrick’s mum was called Honor Hilbert. I think Hugh and Honor married on Feb 23, 1819. Patrick died in 1923. This information is correct but these maybe his brothers and they mightn’t be. They are Thomas, Philip Hyde and Michael. Thomas was born March 29, 1837. The brothers’ information is probably not correct.

    • kevin finan / Jul 26 2012 2:24 am

      celia finan and patrick finan are quite common in my family tree, originating from cloonfower,, all i know is it was on the crossroads where my grandparents lived and the lavins i believe now own the land, but unsure

      • Maria / Sep 8 2012 4:01 pm

        Yes Lavins do own the land now but they were related to the Finans. I think the woman that lives there her husband’s mum was a Finan.

  70. Maria / Jun 23 2012 1:18 am

    I was just randomly looking through sites and found this. My great grandmother and great great grandfather all lived in Cloonfower, Castlerea. My grandmother also lived there but she was a Greene and moved to another area of Castlerea. I wonder if there’s a connection hmm.

    • patrick Finan / Mar 13 2013 9:15 pm

      Hi Im Patrick Finan from Brenamore

  71. catherine Finan / Jun 9 2012 10:30 pm

    Hiya am catherine Finan from Rochdale

    • Meli / Jul 8 2012 8:41 pm

      Hello there Catherine,
      Good to meet you!!

      ~Melinda Tharpe Finan

  72. Jim Callahan / May 20 2012 10:24 pm

    My g-grandmother was Kate Finan who was from the Gurteen area of County Sligo. She left gurteen around 1865 and went to Cincinnati, OH where she married Neil Callaghan who was also from the Gurteen area of Sligo. They eventually moved to Elk Point, SD where they were giving free land to anyone that would settle there

  73. Meli / May 10 2012 1:11 am

    Hello, I’m a genealogy hobbyist working on a Finan tree. I’ve traced the line back to James Finan b. 1831 in county Roscommon, second wife Mary Hession, and possibly his father Peter. Would love to see more activity here…. more Finans to fraternize with. Our Finans settled in Cambria Co., Pennsylvania after arriving in the states in 1882.

    Happy hunting,

    • Norman Finan / Jun 27 2012 11:29 pm

      Hi Melinda,
      I am directly descended from this James Finan, however, i believe that he came from Sligo, rather than Roscommon. The marriage certificate from the the marriage of James Finan and Mary Hession shows James’ father as Peter. James’s eldest son, also named Peter, gives his birthplace as Sligo in census records.If your Finan’s settled in Cambria, then i guess that you must be descended from James’s second son, Daniel Finan.


      Norman Finan.

      • Meli / Jul 8 2012 8:33 pm

        Hi there Norman,
        Yes, I’ve traced my husband’s heritage back to Daniel, but I don’t believe his mother is Mary Hession (Eshion). Mary would only have been 10 yrs old at his birth in 1855, and 13 at his brother Patrick’s birth. I believe Mary to be Thomas’ mother, born one year after their marriage in 1867 (the age gap between the boys in the 1871 England census furthers my suspicion that Mary is James’ second wife). I was wondering if you had info on James’ first wife, Daniel and Patrick’s mother. I have nothing on her at all.

        I also have descrepancy regarding the counties of origin, Roscommon or Sligo, but have not found documentation to nail that down yet. I was unaware of a son named Peter fathered by James. I’ll have to look into that and see what I find. A son named after James’ father Peter would add to the verification of the marriage record.

        Any idea who Peter the elder married, James’ mother? I’ve yet to find any info on Peter other than the one marriage record.

        Sadly, I don’t have access to World anymore, only the U.S. documents. I had to downgrade due to funds. If you’re able and willing to share any U.K. documents, I’d be greatly appreciative.

        I’ll continue to dig dilegently, and hope you’re dong well.

        Melinda Tharpe Finan

    • Shane Finan (@Finanski9) / Jul 21 2012 4:06 am

      Hi, do you know of any Finans who moved to Wales and/or England? My great-great grandfather was Alfred J Finan and he moved to Llanelli, Wales, U.K and he was born, I think in Ireland, in 1898…..

      • pol o frithil / Apr 11 2013 2:21 pm

        Shane, the were Finan’s who lived in the st Helens area of England in the 1920’/1930’s from sligo. there were also Finan’s who lived in Keighley in Yorkshire . i found the Yorkshire in the website. they were killed in both world wars

  74. pol o frithil / Apr 22 2012 11:51 pm

    i am looking for info on a margaret finan who died in 1921 in orange county. she came to america in 1894

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