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1901 Census

The 1901 Irish Census

In 1901, a census of the entire country of Ireland was conducted. Fortunately for us, the
good people at the  Leitrim-Roscommon web site  have entered much  of the census data
for counties Leitrim and Roscommon

Below I have included the output of a database search I performed on the surname Finan. 
For a more complete listing, or if you wish to search other surnames, go to their
database.  Special thanks go out to Roger McDonnell  who was  responsible
for the data entry effort.
A few notes made by the Leitrim-Roscommon folks are include here for your
information and better understanding of the data:

  • The Census records reflect who was living in the household when the census records were collected by the local constables. Note the census was taken based on who was living in the households on the night of March 31, 1901.
  • Each record in this file contains the townland, civil parish, barony and county where the family resided and the name, age and occupation (in most cases) of the head of household. If there was a wife and children, the record will display the first name and age of the wife/children e.g. Mary(32)-John(4)-Bridget(2). If other individuals with the same last name lived in the household, the record will display the first name, age and their relationship to the head of the household e.g. Mary(70)mother-John(38)brother.
    Any individuals living in this household with a different last name will be displayed with their full name and relationship to the head of the household e.g. Mary Higgins(70) mother in law or Bridget Duffy(58) lodger.
  • Keep in mind that age data for some adults was in many situations an approximate age. There were many adults who reported being 50, 60, 70 or 80 rather than their actual age.
  • If there is only one spouse for a given household and children are also shown, you can assume that the individual was a widow or widower. Where the census record showed a wife with children and the census record indicated she was married, the output record from the search will show “husband away” in the occupation record. In these situations, it was presumed that the husband was away working in another locale. However, it is also possible that the wife incorrectly entered married instead of widow.
  • Note gd and gs after children are abbreviations for granddaughter and grandson.
  • There are some situations where children are shown as niece or nephew when more likely they were a grandchild of the head of household.

The Leitrim-Roscommon 1901 Census Data Base is NOT COMPLETE and will be subject to constant update as new data is

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